America Sours on BLM: Only 28% of Whites Believe George Floyd was “Murdered”

The majority of people have officially soured on the black agenda.

At this point, everyone has seen the arrest videos of George Floyd, and everyone has witnessed enough violent black destruction, that the entire BLM agenda has stopped making sense to all but a few diehard true believers.

It will take some time before people are ready to admit it to each other, but they’re at the point where they’re ready to admit it to pollsters: the entire hysteria of 2020 was the result of a trauma-induced state, and it did not represent the actual views of the mob.


US public opinion on the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody has shifted since the early days of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, with trust in law enforcement growing after violent unrest in the streets.

Just 36 percent of respondents in a USA Today/Ipsos poll released on Friday described Floyd’s death as murder, down from 60 percent last June. The racial divide in how the May 25 tragedy is viewed is startling, with 64 percent of black poll participants and just 28 percent of whites saying Floyd was murdered.

This 28% is just “unmarried women,” which I have labeled the “Cunt Class.”

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Everyone else gets it at this point.

The 24-point plunge in public confidence that Floyd was murdered comes to light just three days before Derek Chauvin, the police officer who was shown on video kneeling on Floyd’s neck, is scheduled to go to trial on murder and manslaughter charges. The shift came amid a decline in the BLM movement’s credibility and rising trust of law enforcement, and both of those trends coincided with riots across the nation.

Public trust in BLM has dropped to 50 percent this month from 60 percent last June, the poll showed. Just 42 percent of white respondents said they trusted BLM. Trust in police and local law enforcement swung conversely, rising to 69 percent, including 77 percent of whites and 42 percent of blacks.

But while the racial divide is wide, public opinion has shifted against BLM among both white and black Americans. According to the poll, trust in BLM has dropped 12 percentage points among black people since last June, while trust in the police has jumped 14 points. The percentage of white people who trust BLM fell by eight points, while their trust in police rose 12 points.

Along the same lines, Americans were about equally divided on the relative importance of protest rights and law and order last June. At the time, 45 percent said ensuring law and order was more important, and 44 percent said the right to protest is more vital. In the latest poll, 49 percent of respondents favored law and order, while 31 percent said protest rights were more important. The racial divide was evident on that question, too, with whites favoring law and order and blacks prioritizing protest rights.

You know, a major part of the brilliance of the whole thing was calling the organization “Black Lives Matter.” People thought that saying they don’t believe in it meant that they were saying they don’t believe black lives matter. At this point, however, it might have the reverse effect.

It’s very basic, but I’ve always liked the talking point “if black lives matter, then why aren’t you talking about black-on-black crime, which kills thousands of times more black people than cops?”

If anyone sits around and thinks about it for a minute, they realize that in fact, black lives don’t really matter. If black lives did matter, people would care about the fact that they are dying by the thousands every year by being shot by each other. And yet we all know the media covers those stories up, whilst they are shaming us for George Floyd.

Ultimately, this was a comfort level issue, however, which will only be backed up by logical processes. The fact of the matter is that blacks made American cities unlivable, they ruined our lives, while blaming us for it.

White America has needed to file for emotional divorce with these blacks for a very long time, and it might just be that we needed to go through this nightmare scenario before we could get to that point.

It could well be that things are looking up.

As I keep reiterating: it doesn’t matter who is in charge or what the demographics of America are, what matters is being able to get the people on board with an agenda to stand up and fight. Once the people are ready to fight, it won’t matter what the odds are.

Obviously, the ruling elite know that, which is why they’ve announced this massive domestic anti-terrorism witch hunt against white people.

As I’ve told you from the beginning: these people, the Jews and their lackeys, they have a plan, and it is more or less a solid plan, even though it is insane. However, it cannot work, because it is too based on lies, and too complicated. There are many different places where this can go South, and the American people (whites) collectively souring on the whole agenda is one of the most powerful elements.