Watch: Brutal Cops Take Down Helpless Female Emory Professor at Palestine Solidarity Encampment

There are “anti-wokers” all over Twitter laughing about this and supporting the cops.

The Jews are so insidious, that they are able to get the goyim to celebrate literally everything they do.

And the goyim are truly incredible. Imagine having watched the cops do nothing during the George Floyd riots, and then now watching the cops brutalize everyone who questions Israel, and not having the awareness to say “one of these things is not like the other.”

Truly, that is a deep goyim.

New York Post:

Dozens of anti-Israel protesters were arrested at Emory University Thursday in a violent clash with cops, including at least one professor seen being wrestled to the ground and handcuffed in an online video.

In the video, filmed by CNN but widely circulated on social media, chaos unfolds on the Atlanta campus as officers move in on the impromptu tent city erected by demonstrators early that morning.

A chorus of screams goes up from the crowd as officers snatch demonstrators and place them under arrest.

At one point a woman, identified by reports as Emory economics professor Caroline Fohlin, approaches one of the protesters being arrested before she herself is grabbed and loudly ordered to the ground by an Atlanta cop.

Seconds later, the officer wrestles Fohlin to the grass, calling for assistance as she flails and screams, “Oh my god!” while identifying herself as a professor.

As another officer joins the melee and helps get her hands behind her back, protesters encircle them and start shouting insults.

This is happening at every school across the country now.

They are unleashing the cops on everyone, and just beating the shit out of people.

The kikesucker Elon Musk, who never met a circumcised dick he didn’t want to suck, is trying to restrict these videos.

Here’s one from my own alma mater that Twitter has been trying to ban:

Those cops look like they’re on Captagon.

Everywhere you try to support Palestine, the cops attack.

No one is comparing this to BLM, where the blacks were actually burning down buildings all over the country and the cops did nothing.

It seems to me that if you simply point out “hey, this is way different from BLM,” you’ve effectively proven with that one observation that America is totally occupied and controlled by the Jews.