Hohol FM Tells West to Make More Weapons, Ominously Claims “Era of Peace in Europe is Over”

“Peace is over”? Is this a threat?

Are the Hohols going to take their elite army, turn it around and aim it at Berlin?

And what the hell is “Kyiv”?

There are just so many questions and no one has any answers.

The Guardian:

Ukraine’s foreign minister has enthusiastically praised US politicians for approving a long-delayed $61bn military aid package for Ukraine, but said western allies needed to recognise that “the era of peace in Europe is over” and that Kyiv would inevitably need more help to fight off Russia.

Hallelujah,” Dmytro Kuleba said when asked for his reaction to Tuesday’s final vote by the US Senate. He said it had been “my belief that we would have a positive outcome”, based in part on the cultivation of religious conservatives, but the west needed to build its defence industry further.

Yeah, well. Your belief overpowered my belief, buddy.

I thought for sure that the Biden Entity would use “Republican MAGA supporters” as an exit strategy. Now, the loss of the war is going to be on him.

Apparently, he’s going to campaign on the idea he’s winning the war. Then, after the election, he’s either going to have to surrender or escalate by sending in troops. Because the Ukraine is not even getting any weapons for this $61 billion. It’s all theoretical. Maybe they’re getting some ammo, but that doesn’t cost tens of billions of dollars.

And even if they gave them space age weapons – UFO alien technology – they still couldn’t win because they don’t have any soldiers left.

Speaking to the Guardian ahead of the White House announcing a first tranche of aid including air defences, artillery rounds and armoured vehicles, Kuleba said it was “just a matter of logistics” to get the supplies to the frontline. Pentagon officials have indicated that some munitions have already been stockpiled in Europe, with Joe Biden saying on Wednesday they would arrive in hours.

Kuleba also said Ukraine had identified seven Patriot air defence systems it could use to protect civilians in major cities outside Kyiv. One had been obtained from Germany, four more had been located and negotiations were taking place, Kuleba said, and two more were in his sights.

Press reports indicate that Greece and Spain are considering whether to supply Patriots, while Poland and Romania also own the batteries. Kuleba added that an eighth system could come from the US. “I think the US army probably has one spare,” he said.

Yeah. Greece and Spain are wondering if they should give weapons to the Ukraine that America gave them.

It all comes from America. There is no independent Western European military establishment. That has not existed since the end of World War II, after Hitler destroyed it all (and then the Russians destroyed all Hitler’s equipment).

Negotiations to obtain these were complicated because “countries who operate these Patriots bargain for backfill and compensation”, Kuleba said, but he added: “I’m in no doubt, given the progress we are making, that Patriots will arrive and Germany must be commended for making the first move.”

Kuleba said Ukraine’s allies should switch from “expressing condolences and sympathy to Ukrainians and promising to help with recovery, to preventing loss of life and destruction of the country”.

Well, there’s only one way to end the loss of life, and that is peace negotiations.

Or just stop fighting, at least. Even without ending the war, they could just stop fighting. As long as they keep attacking Russians, however, people are going to die.

He said the restoration of US military aid, held up for months by Donald Trump-aligned Republicans, would not be sufficient to defeat Russia. “No single package can stop the Russians. What will stop the Russians is a united front of all of Ukraine and all of its partners.”

Kuleba said the west needed to increase arms production, as Ukraine had, because it had been outpaced by Russia. Russia is out-shelling Ukraine by a ratio of about 10 to one, while Ukraine is running short of air defences.

Why is this moron able to decree Western policy?

Who do these people think they are? Israel?

Listen, buddy, there is only one country that can tell America what to do, and that is Israel.

But I guess since the Ukraine is totally run by the Jews, they have some rights to boss us around.

If Americans love one thing, it’s being told what to do by Jews.