American Church Attendance is the Lowest Ever

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People need to wise up!

God is about to do a Sodom and Gomorrah on this country!

Probably too late already!

That said: these churches we have in this country are really awful. Protestant ministers are stand-up comedians, they play rock music, and the entire purpose of the church is to serve as a singles meet-up for people who can’t find anything at the bar.

If I had it to do over again, I would have been a preacher.

This having been said: any church is better than no church! And I’m sure you can find the one that is the least bad!


Fewer Americans are attending church than ever, according to recent polls. The surveys referred to in several US media reports on Wednesday show that a combination of pandemic lockdowns and generational shifts in attitudes has the once solidly Christian nation questioning its relationship with organized religion.

More than four in five Americans (81%) believe in God, according to a Gallup poll conducted earlier this year. While that’s still a sizable majority, it’s also the lowest percentage since the pollster began asking the question back in 1944, when 98% of Americans espoused belief.

Similarly, the number of Americans who belong to a church, mosque, or synagogue is at an all-time low, comprising a minority of the population (47%) for the first time last year, according to Gallup. Driven by a rise in those claiming no religious affiliation, a group that has rivaled Catholics or evangelical Christians in size since before the Covid-19 pandemic, the decline is likely to continue, the pollster suggests.

While younger people are more likely to identify as non-religious than their elders, Americans with a college education are more likely to be members of a church, synagogue, or mosque, according to research conducted last year by the Survey Center on American Life. This is part of a general trend toward social isolation among the less educated, who, the pollster found, have fewer close friends, less social support, and are less likely to be married.

Yes, of course: among the less educated.

The elite have their own social clubs – and synagogues for that matter. They just destroyed the churches of the peasantry as a way not only to disconnect them from God, but from each other. Peasant men are living in a void of pornography and video games, while women binge-watch Netflix and eat snacks.

These women are better than the norm – at least they’re outside!

The “well educated” understand the human need for socialization. Remember all those photos of the rich and government people socializing freely – totally maskless – while we were all locked down like prisoners?

Gavin Newsom enjoying a nice social evening while the peasants were muzzled and locked in their homes

Of course, we only got a few leaks. This was the norm. All of these people knew the virus was a hoax, because it was obvious. The scam could only be sold to innocent people with low IQs who couldn’t imagine the government doing something so deranged as to hoax a virus.

The Jews hate God and want to strip the people of their connection to God, but they are also trying to destroy our families and reduce our population. It’s all a part of the same large campaign of destruction.

The coronavirus hoax was an attack on society and our connection to each other. They closed the churches. They forced us to cover our faces, they locked us in our homes, they spread nonsensical fear of an invisible threat (a curse).

The Jews think the goyim are the virus.

We need to come together as a community and as a society – this alienated nation is now a breeding ground for the worst sort of satanism.