Texas Christian School Fires Teacher for Attending Drag Show

Well, here comes a lawsuit.

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New York Post:

A longtime teacher at a private Christian school in Texas was abruptly fired after attending a drag show in Houston with a co-worker earlier this month.

Kari Maris, a physical education instructor at First Baptist Academy in Baytown for nearly 20 years, attended a sing-along show at Hamburger Mary’s on July 13 with a coworker.

Maris posted a photo of the pair with the drag queens on Facebook that said they had a “blast,” she told KHOU.

Soon after, Maris and the other teacher — who did not wish to be identified — were contacted by their school and told they would have to appear before the school board for acting “ungodly.”

Maris was shocked and told the outlet she had no clue that going to a drag show privately could be considered “bad.”

”It’s no different than going to the theater,” Maris said.

She pleaded her case before the board but said she “couldn’t get through with them at all.”

Maris and her co-worker were both terminated. There is no appeal process, she said.

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