American Type Teenage Delinquency Arrives in Australia, But No One is Shot Because Gun Control

Honestly, headlines like this might as well just say “niggers.”

Everyone knows who did it. They can refuse to identify the race, they can refuse to include photos, but everyone knows this was black people.

No one else does this shit and they do it everywhere they go.

American Jews came up with the idea of mass immigration for all white countries. They came up with political correctness. They came up with gun control, even though they can’t enforce it in America (yet).

They talk about gun violence and it’s so absurd. Everyone knows that “gun violence” means “black people,” just like they know “stabbing” means “black people.”

If you took the guns away from blacks in America, all that would do is drastically increase stabbings. In fact, more people would probably die, because it’s a lot easier to aim a knife than it is to aim a gun. If blacks could aim their guns, the murder rate in Chicago would be 50 times what it is right now.