More Blacks and Hispanics Than Ever Identifying as Republicans

This is good news? I guess?

I don’t even know anymore.

New York Post:

Democrats’ longtime advantage over Republicans among two core constituencies — blacks and Hispanics — has eroded in recent months, according to new polling data out Wednesday.

Last year, 66% of black adults identified as Democrats or Democrat leaners while 19% said they were Republicans or Republican leaners, per the Gallup survey.

The 47-percentage-point spread is the lowest in at least 25 years — and down 19 percentage points from 2020, when 77% of black adults identified as Democrats and just 19% identified as Republicans.

Is that math correct…?

A similar trend can be seen among Hispanics, with 47% calling themselves Democrats and 35% identifying as Republican.

That 12-point difference is a stark decline from 2021, when 57% of Hispanics identified as Democrat and 26% said they were Republican, a difference of 31 percentage points.

Meanwhile, Republicans have enjoyed a double-digit lead in identification among white voters in every year since 2013. In 2023, 54% of whites identified as Republicans or GOP leaners while 38% identified as Democrats or Democrat leaners.

Among all US adults, 45% identify as Republicans while 43% identify as Democrats, a reversal from 2020 when 48% of Americans said they were Democrats and 43% identified as Republicans.

The problem here is that the Republican Party does not provide any of the things that people want when they vote for the Republican Party, which makes the percentage of people voting for it irrelevant.

Primarily, the racial shift is driven by black and Mexican men who identify with Donald Trump, because all men lean towards identifying with Donald Trump.

But Trump does not represent the GOP in terms of their policy. The GOP policy is supportive of Israel and the Ukraine, and refuses to do anything about immigration.