Following Senate Hearing, Ayatollah Banned from Facebook and Instagram


Last week, Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate to make a new wave of censorship demands against social media companies.

Mark Zuckerberg was harassed and threatened by the vicious homosexual Josh Hawley, who in an unhinged emotional rant, went so far as to demand money from him.

Of course, the whole thing is about the Jews. Hawley has called for TikTok to be completely banned because it allows criticism of Jews, and demanded that all of the American platforms do more for the Jews.

Zuckerberg understood the demands, and this week made a gesture of submission to this out-of-control government.


Meta has removed the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are no longer available. According to Meta, the accounts have been disabled, which means they are permanently removed.

“We have removed these accounts for repeatedly violating our Dangerous Organizations & Individuals policy,” a Meta spokesperson told CNN.

The Ayatollah didn’t violate anything.

It’s these sickening American government officials who are constantly making the threats, it is them that are constantly killing people in the Middle East.

The US government is the dangerous organization, filled with dangerous individuals, such as the homosexual terrorism-supporter Josh Hawley.

The policy does not allow organizations or individuals that proclaim a violent mission or are engaged in violence to have a presence on Meta. This includes those who glorify, support, or represent terrorist organizations designated by the US government.

Iran has long been accused of arming Hamas, designated by the US State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). In 2021, the US State Department said that the group receives funding, weapons, and training from Iran. Iran is also believed to have armed and trained the Houthis in Yemen, which were re-designated as an FTO by President Biden last month.

There was enormous pressure on Meta to put a stop to Khamenei’s promotion of these organizations listed as dangerous organizations and individuals since October 7,” said Mahsa Alimardani, a digital rights researcher at Article 19, a human rights NGO.

Meta did not give a specific reason as to why Khamenei’s account fell under the Dangerous Organizations and Individuals Policy.

Khamenei’s main Instagram account had over 5 million followers before its removal.

Everyone knows the reason.

It was a direct response to the Senators making all of those demands last week.

When the Senate attacks you like this, there is an obvious implied threat. The government has all kinds of ways to harm private companies like Facebook. Facebook responded to these threats with a peace offering, in the form of the accounts of the Ayatollah.

No one cares about freedom of speech. The Republicans said they did, and then Israel was attacked, and now they admit that they don’t actually support freedom of speech, they just want their own enemies censored.

America is a stupid country. It is a country of fat morons. No one is able to grasp anything abstract. No one can understand the underlying principles of freedom of speech.

The concept that these fatties miss is that the United States’ governmental system is based around free and open debate. The nation was founded on this principle, and it has always been considered necessary in order to maintain a liberal government system.

In 1776, Swedish Lutheran priest Anders Chydenius wrote:

No evidence should be needed that a certain freedom of writing and printing is one of the strongest bulwarks of a free organization of the state, as, without it, the estates would not have sufficient information for the drafting of good laws, and those dispensing justice would not be monitored, nor would the subjects know the requirements of the law, the limits of the rights of government, and their responsibilities. Education and ethical conduct would be crushed; coarseness in thought, speech, and manners would prevail, and dimness would darken the entire sky of our freedom in a few years.

Without freedom of political speech, there is nothing but corruption, and it is only the corrupt that would seek to limited freedom of speech.

This is what we’ve seen: the Democrats wanted to limit speech for their corrupt election swindle, then their corrupt coronavirus hoax, then their corrupt war in the Ukraine. Just so, when the Republicans want to do a dirty war in the Middle East, they also demand speech be clamped down on.

There is no good reason to censor speech in a system that functions on the public being aware of events.

These same shitbags in the US government attack China for censorship. Firstly, China censors a lot less than the United States, as a basic matter.

In the US, you may face censorship if you are found criticizing:

  • Jews
  • Women
  • Immigration
  • Homosexuals
  • Global warming
  • Crisis actors
  • Vaccines
  • Mail-in ballots
  • Hunter Biden
  • Wars

In China, the only thing you’re not allowed to criticize is the Chinese government, and even then, this policy is only vaguely ever enforced. (Note: more recently, feminists have also been censored in China, and there are longstanding laws preventing the promotion of homosexuality and other perversions. You can decide if that is “political censorship” or not.)

But the much more important issue when speaking of China and their censorship is that China is not a liberal democracy, but rather an authoritarian state run by a man who is effectively an emperor. The Chinese system relies on panels of intellectuals to determine state policy. It does not rely on voters. Therefore, freedom of speech is not intrinsic to their system of government, just as it is not intrinsic to a theocracy.

Whether you support a liberal government system or not, these systems have worked in the past, but they have only done so while allowing individual political liberties. If you remove the freedom of the individual, a democracy becomes a tyranny, immediately.

The US government is tyrannical. Both parties now avidly support the extreme suppression of the population, when it comes to the corrupt agendas that they are pushing. Americans themselves cannot grasp the nature of the government under which they live, so they cannot understand the value of free speech.

Jews and women are now calling on Elon Musk to follow suit and ban the Ayatollah from Twitter.

I see no reason why he wouldn’t do this. Elon has totally and completely abandoned his promises of free speech, and no longer even talks about it.

Elon has banned so many people that if he doesn’t ban the Ayatollah, he will look as though he is supporting him. That was always the problem for these tech companies: if they censor at all, then it looks like they support anything they don’t censor. They do, in fact, implicitly support anything that they allow.

Musk should have held the line, and he didn’t, and now Twitter is just the same as any other heavily censored platform. He’s involved in some strange relationship with the Republican Party and the State of Israel now, so I expect him to censor more along those lines.