Ancient Hindu Demon Goddess Nimrata Randhawa Wins DC Primary

Of course she would win the DC primary. It doesn’t mean anything.

But the media acts like it means something.


Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley defeated former US President Donald Trump in her party’s Washington DC primary on Sunday. While the win denies Trump a clean sweep of the primaries, her path to the nomination remains all but shut.

Haley beat Trump by 62.8% of the vote to 33.3%, securing all of the district’s 19 Republican delegates. The win was Haley’s first of the election season, following losses to Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Michigan and the Virgin Islands in January and February, and Idaho, Missouri, and Michigan on Sunday.

Haley, who ignored calls to drop out of the race after a 20-point loss in her home state of South Carolina last month, now has the support of 43 delegates to Trump’s 244. The former president is projected to win all 15 states and territories up for grabs in this week’s ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries, a victory that would give Trump an all but insurmountable lead over the former UN ambassador.

Haley might be Trump’s running mate.

He recently said he’s considering Texas Governor Greg Abbott, despite the fact that his legs do not work at all. So he’s signaling he wants an absolute Zionist extremist as his running mate.

See: Trump Says He’s Seriously Considering Legless Kikesucker as VP Pick

My sense of doom is increasing by the hour as regards this election. It seems, frankly, that Trump is going to win, and then go into full Jewish war mode. Maybe he’ll mysteriously die shortly after the election, and whatever Jewish shill he picks will take over. But if he himself is the one calling on Southern white boys to line up to fight for Israel, it will work very well.

What a sickening twist.

Trump winning 2024 is going to be like winning Twisted Metal.

Oh, and in other 2024 election bullshit news I don’t care about, the SCOTUS ruled 9-0 Trump can’t be taken off the ballot.


The US Supreme Court has shot down an effort by Democrat activists to stop former President Donald Trump from contesting the upcoming presidential election in multiple states. Trump hailed the verdict as a “big win for America.”

Monday’s ruling reverses an earlier decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, which found in December that the state could keep Trump’s name off ballots under a constitutional amendment prohibiting “insurrectionists” from holding public office. Activist lawyers had successfully petitioned the state to remove Trump’s name, arguing that his alleged encouragement of the Capitol Hill riot in 2021 had made him an “insurrectionist.”

The states of Illinois and Maine had also attempted to bar Trump from contesting the election, but both will now be forced to abandon these efforts.

The ruling was unanimous, with no written dissents published.

No huge surprise there.

The whole thing was too silly, even for that silly nigger bitch. I’m sure she wanted to dissent, but her Jew staff was like “we hate to inform you, Your Honorable Madam Niggerbitch, but this is just too silly.”

That’s the top news story today. I’m just sliding it in this filler article, because it simply is not important news. Anyone who thought the SCOTUS was going to ban Trump from running based on a Civil War law and a crime he was never even charged with was a moron, and there was no point in ever talking about it.

It’s like if the media had spent months talking about how all humans could spontaneously transform into insects. There’s zero chance of that happening. It’s not physically possible. Why would you spend months talking about it unless you had some other weird agenda?