Ancient Man Froze the Bitch Out 1.1 Million Years Ago – They Were Eating Too Many Bugs

You know how you are making the world too hot by not eating bugs?

In history, people made the world too cold by… eating too many bugs. They should have been eating beef, to heat that bitch out so they didn’t freeze to death, but they were addicted to bugs. They were also paying too many taxes. The ancient government was like “yo, y’all ain’t gotta pay all this shit, bitch-ass,” but the population was like “no, we want to pay way, way more taxes.”

So they cooled the bitch down so low everyone died.

Of course, as we know now, the situation is in the reverse – the bitch is heating out, so we need to eat bugs and pay extreme taxes to chill it up.

It’s very, very simple: the weather fluctuates based on whether you eat bugs or beef, and how many taxes you pay.


Long before our species Homo sapiens trekked out of Africa, earlier human species also spread to other parts of the world. That dispersal, however, sometimes encountered grave hardships.

Scientists on Thursday described evidence of a massive North Atlantic cooling event about 1.1 million years ago that lasted roughly 4,000 years and appears to have wiped out the entire population of archaic humans who had colonized Europe.

Based on fossils from Spain, that species is believed to have been Homo erectus, generally considered the first member of the human evolutionary lineage to have expanded beyond Africa. The species was the first possessing body proportions like ours and made innovations in stone tools.

The frigid interval – comparable in intensity to the more recent ice ages – appears to have rendered Europe inhospitable for the bands of early human hunter-gatherers, as extreme glaciation deprived them of food resources. Their cold tolerance may have been lacking, without sufficient fat insulation, while fashioning effective clothing and shelter and finding the means to make fire would have been challenging, the researchers said.

There was probably a complete interruption in the early human occupation of Europe, possibly for a considerable time, with an entirely new population eventually coming back,” said anthropologist Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London, a co-author of the research published in the journal Science.

How many perished in this regional extinction event remains unclear.

“We have little idea of population numbers, but certainly tiny by modern standards – probably at best in the tens of thousands across Europe,” Stringer said.

This occurred during the Pleistocene epoch, about 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago, marked by global cooling episodes.

“Contrary to previous beliefs, our study demonstrates that human occupation of Europe was not continuous, but rather punctuated by at least one regional climate-induced extinction,” said climate physicist and study co-author Axel Timmermann of Pusan National University in South Korea.

Frankly, I don’t even think this is real.

If you study these “prehistory” and “archaeology” people, you will find they just pull shit out of their asses constantly, then circle the wagons and all agree with each other. That really happens in every academic discipline, especially astrophysics, which is a big Jew joke.

But also, I mean… some asshole said that this piece of shit “Ulysses” was “the best novel ever,” and the yipping, mimicking apes all circled the wagon about that retarded claim.

It’s just important to point out how goofy this all is.

The global warming hoax is bigger than the Holocaust hoax.

At least in the Holocaust, people did go to camps.

They didn’t get killed in gas chambers by Nazis, but by typhus by God.

With global warming it’s like yo, it’s not even heating out this bitch? Y’all niggas said New York would be flooded by 2013, now you’re saying wildfires and hurricanes are not natural?