Rich KIKES North of Richmond

I don’t typically like people whining about being poor.

I mean, I get it, people feel like there are circumstances outside of their control that are weighing heavily on their personal lives, and this is true – but whining about it always comes across poorly.

So, when I heard Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” after it went viral last week, I was sort of like “ehhhh, okay, whatever.” It was very obviously being astroturfed as part of this “conservative populism” program. This program, which is being pushed by various hidden hands, and is best represented by Tucker Carlson, has strong elements of communism in it, actually, which definitely come through in the song.

Tucker Carlson and people like JD Vance and Steve Bannon talk openly about “class war,” and don’t seem concerned that this language sounds communistic, because they are mixing it with social conservatism, and middle class social conservatives typically don’t care that much about economic theory, and are generally just worried about “having a good job” or running a small business without being taxed into oblivion. I don’t think they are aware of how much this “conservative populism” sounds like communism.

I am pretty aware of economic theory, but I also don’t really care that much. If there was some socially conservative group that was banning abortion, getting women out of the workplace, abolishing family courts, banning faggots, closing the borders, but then also wanted to strip billionaires of their wealth and give it to buck-toothed hill people, I would be like:

The issue I have with the whole thing is that these people are using this “class war” language not because they actually want to strip billionaires of their wealth, but because they are sidestepping using the word “white.” Many of them also don’t really feel comfortable using the term “Christian.”

So, to me, the song is pushing this communist type “class war” logic, when it would be much better if it was about immigrants, black people, and Jews. At the same time, I’m not strongly against it, necessarily. He seems like a nice enough commie, and he’s talking about Jesus and reading the Bible. So, okay. This is not in direct opposition to my interests, even if that slimy shitbag Jew-lover and race traitor Matt Walsh is falsely claiming that the song is somehow organic.

I’m something of a poor myself, actually.

However, I’m not poor because I’m a stupid idiot who whines about how I have to work at crappy jobs because I’m dumb. I’m in fact poor because rich men north of Richmond shut down all my banking. I was pulling in $27,000 a month in 2017 (gross; it was mostly going back into the site – DS has never been “for profit”), and at this point, I’d be running an operation the size of the Daily Wire – at least – if all my shit hadn’t been shut down.

I was glad to see that Oliver Anthony in fact understands the “rich men” north of Richmond have a very specific character about them – in fact, they are Jewish.

On Monday, some whining Jews found Anthony’s YouTube playlist and found that it has videos saying that Jews did 911.

I would just assume that Anthony is going to apologize, and quite likely agree to take a trip to Israel to find out that the suffering of the innocent Jews is much like the suffering of innocent hill people who can’t find a decent job and can’t afford non-homosexual beer, let alone high-quality tequila.

But hey, you know – who knows? Maybe he’ll go all in and condemn the sickening kikes, then go full communist and start calling for the liberation of Palestine.

At time of writing, the playlist was discovered by Jews on Twitter about 24 hours ago. Anthony responded to one of the whining tweets without cucking.

But the whole machine is going to come down on him. I guarantee that Matt Walsh, for instance, was not aware that this guy was woke on Israel doing 911 when he was shilling this communistic theme song for poor white people.

What I’ve witnessed in my life is that the percentage of people who will give up wealth and fame to fight for justice is a very tiny fraction of the human population. People will be moral when it’s free or it costs them little enough that it doesn’t change their lifestyle significantly. But when the Jews threaten to take away everything, virtually everyone will break.

That’s what was so insane about the Kanye West debacle. He actually went all-in, giving up billions of dollars to do what’s right, then sold out totally not because of money, but because he whiffed a pussy.

But this Anthony fellow just got a taste of fame and fortune. Is he going to sacrifice that? I think the chances are virtually nil.

I wish we were all in this together and were all fighting together and willing to sacrifice for each other so we could all win together. I wish that was real life. It’s just not. Most people who say they believe that don’t believe it, and will come up with justifications for selling out.

That’s the other thing: it’s so easy to explain to yourself that you’re not really doing something immoral when you sell out to the Jews. They provide those justifications for you. In this case “well, you won’t be able to speak for the people if you get silenced for talking about Jews… you want to be able to speak for the people, right???”

Though if he goes all-in, I’m obviously here for it.

This is going to heat up shortly. You’re not allowed to link to a video that says Jews did 911. That is something that is very, very banned.