Ancient Mayans Created Their Own Climate Change 1,800 Years Ago and Caused the Droughts That Wiped Them Out

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

Ancient Mayans were so advanced that they managed to change the climate without flying in planes and driving cars!

Daily Mail:

Ancient Mayan farmers may have triggered their own version of climate change and contributed to their own demise, according to researchers.

Scientists have found evidence in Belize that the Central American people used to dig canals and wetlands and to have regular burns while farming their land.

The latest discoveries suggest the Mayans, between 1,800 and 1,000 years ago, had a bigger impact on their environment than previously thought.

And they may even have worsened conditions to such an extent it contributed to the droughts thought to have wiped out the civilisation.

Farming was a problem?

Even the vegan diet changes the climate.

Researchers from the University of Texas have suggested their theory based on aerial scans and imaging of the legacy Mayan farmland left underground.

They discovered that a wetland known as the Birds of Paradise wetland, in northwestern Belize, was five times as big as had been believed.

And they also found another similar complex which was even larger.

The wetlands had irrigation ditches and canals built into them and sometimes forest was destroyed to make way for them.

These processes were made more extreme as the Mayans tried to adapt to a changing climate – mainly rising sea levels – about 1,800 years ago.

They mean the changing climate that was without a doubt caused by them or by other people — obviously.

The weather just doesn’t change unless humans do something to change it.

Although they were useful in controlling water and preserving it to use during droughts, passages in the wetlands contained plants which produced high levels of methane, a greenhouse gas.

And the farmers also pumped carbon dioxide into the air by burning vegetation to clear space for their canals.

‘We now are beginning to understand the full human imprint [on] tropical forests,’ said Dr Tim Beach, the lead author of the study

These large and complex wetland networks may have changed climate long before industrialization, and… even these small changes may have warmed the planet.

‘[This] provides a sobering perspective for the order of magnitude greater changes over the last century that are accelerating into the future.’

Dr Beach and his colleagues even suggested the intensive landscape changes may have been the beginning of the current way of the world, in which humankind has the biggest sway over the natural environment – the Anthropocene.

As you can see, the Climate Balance is so frail that pretty much anything humans do other than existing as isolated Amazon tribes results in Climate Change and Climate Apocalypse.

The solution, obviously, is to give up all forms of civilization and live like monkeys in the jungle, because even farming itself is able to warm the planet and burn everyone to death.