Germany: Supermarket Temporarily Increases Prices on Some Foods to Show “True Climate Costs”

They’ve been pushing this stuff for years

It really feels like no one is even standing up to this global warming bullshit anymore.

It is literally not real.

Right-wingers used to point out that it is a completely fake thing, and that these asshole literally invented “climatology.”

Now, they’ve said it so many times, people just accept this tripe.

The Guardian:

A leading discount supermarket in Germany has raised the prices of a selection of its products to reflect their real cost on people’s health and the environment.

In a week-long experiment in all 2,150 branches of the Penny chain, a range of nine products, mainly dairy and meat, will be priced at what experts from two universities have deemed to be their true cost, in relation to their effect on soil, climate, water use and health.

The “wahre Kosten” or “real costs” campaign has seen the price of wiener sausages rise from €3.19 to €6.01, mozzarella go up by 74% to €1.55, and fruit yoghurt increase by 31% from €1.19 to €1.56.

The awareness promotion week is taking place in conjunction with academics from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and the University of Greifswald, and was triggered by the conviction among consumer researchers that price tags in supermarkets in no way reflect the true environmental or long-term health costs of producing the foodstuffs and getting them on to retailers’ shelves.

This is for your own good, goy

Included are a range of foods from cheese and other dairy products to processed meats such as sausages, as well as vegan meat replacements such as vegan schnitzels (which were given a moderate 5% increase). Wiener sausages and the popular maasdamer cheese, which has risen by 94% to €4.84, are among the items to go up most in price. Regarding the cheese, the scientists calculated hidden costs of 85 cents for climate-harming emissions such as methane and CO2, as well as 76 cents for damage to the soil from intensive farming and animal feed production, 63 cents for the effect of pesticides used, including their impact on the health of farmers, as well as 10 cents for pollution of groundwater through the use of fertiliser.

Yeah, well.

Maybe we should change the way we produce food?

No one really disagrees with that.

It just has literally nothing to do with that angry retarded girl.