Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania!

Internet fashion icon and MLM expert Andrew Tate has been arrested on trumped-up fake charges in Romania, along with his brother Tristan.

Tate has previously been arrested for rape and sex trafficking in relation to a cam-girl business he runs.

It was originally reported that he was arrested again for a rape hoax. It was being reported that he was arrested this time for money laundering.

Romanian police have since said that the arrests are related to the sex trafficking charges, though presumably the money is also under investigation.

It’s not clear if he’s been released from jail at this time.

He was apparently living in Romania because it is a sex area, but he really should have left the country when they started pushing these charges on him. Once they get you into the system, they can figure out a way to make the charges stick, or at least stick hard enough that you have to go to trial.

When you have the kind of heat on you that he has on him, they can make women appear from the ether to accuse you of things.

Frankly, it was really dumb to be hanging out when these charges were looming. I publicly said that he should leave the country immediately and basically go anywhere outside of EU jurisdiction, but apparently he does not read this website or did not take that seriously.

Regardless of the criticisms I may have, I stand with Tate 100% against the people trying to put him in prison. These are fake charges. He didn’t do anything and the persecution is political.

Whatever my disagreements with anyone, I am with whoever is persecuted by this system.

Story updated to show that Tate’s release is unconfirmed and that the police have stated the charges are related to sex trafficking.