Elon is a Fag

Frankly, Elon Musk is a faggot.

There is no freedom on Twitter. He said “free speech.” I am banned. Nick Fuentes is banned. Several others are banned.

We didn’t break the law. I’ve never broken any law – except that I was born a white male, which is apparently ILLEGAL in America! (See what I did there?)

I have a “I’ll take what I can get” mindset about things, so I’m not going to say Elon is all bad.

I like when he says things I agree with.

But let’s be real: he’s not exactly rocking the boat.

Things were just getting totally out of control, and society was spiraling, and it was obvious that it couldn’t just keep going in the direction it was going in. So they gave us a little bit of freedom.

A wee bit.

But not the freedom to actually effectively talk about the Jews.

That is a freedom you don’t get.

Elon’s buddy (and greatest admirer) Tucker Carlson can make Andrew Tate into a hero, and just pretend he isn’t on video talking about committing international wire fraud.

But I’m not allowed to talk about the world’s foremost problem – a topic that was recognized as very normal just a few decades ago.

By the way – I’m not even trying to hate on Andrew Tate. I’m just saying: for whatever reason, he decided to go onto podcasts and brag about committing various crimes. But he was talking about ripping off simps, so it’s fine, I guess. It’s not really clear what Tucker Carlson thinks when he’s trying to make an icon out of this guy, because you can’t get rid of these clips where he is saying he organized an entire business around using camgirls to extort lonely men, and had them making international wire transfers under false pretenses.

I’m able to see that this is sort of funny, but most people are going to watch this and be like “ehhhhh.”

He also sent a ton of voice recordings to women doing this gay-ass pick-up artist talking points script bullshit. People will hear this at some point.

Again, it’s whatever. I am not going to attack Andrew Tate when he’s the victim of politically motivated prosecution. But I’m just saying: Tucker Carlson is trying to make this guy into the cutting edge of black conservatism.

Here’s the thing about that: he was originally trying to do this with Kanye West. Then, Kanye West said that Jews sometimes do bad things. Tucker actually persecuted Nick Fuentes, claiming that he was “filling Kanye’s head,” even though Kanye was on record saying all this stuff about Jews before he ever knew who Nick was.

After ditching Kanye – Tucker literally canceled a documentary with him – he becomes obsessed with Tate as the new hero for the blacks (even though Tate is basically white-presenting and not even American – you’ve never met a single American black who acts like Andrew Tate, and there is no way normal blacks identify with him like they do with Kanye).

So, do the math: saying “Jew” in a relatively controlled and normal way gets you kicked off the island. Admitting to wire fraud on a podcast and being on tape telling a bitch you’re not sorry for choking her during sex is fine.

Honestly, I think both things should be fine. I think me and Nick and Kanye should all be allowed on Twitter, and I think we should all be given long-form interviews with Tucker Carlson.

But everyone sees what’s happening here: there is one thing you are never, ever allowed to talk about.

The reason you’re not allowed to talk about this is that it’s the only thing that actually matters.

Every single other issue in our society is peripheral to the Jewish question. The Jews are behind every single problem we have. When we say “every single time,” we mean “EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

I go through it here for you every single day – and I prove what is happening in a way that is fun and easy to understand and appeals to normal people – and that is why I am the most censored person ever. Nick Fuentes is now the second most censored person because he’s the other person talking about this issue.

You are never going to dance around the three-body problem:

  • The Holocaust is a hoax
  • Hitler was the good guy
  • Jews are the problem

If you’re talking about banning trannies, stopping the Ukraine war, or choking sluts, you might feel like you’re getting somewhere, but in reality, you are treading water in the abyss of Intensified Jewing.

Elon COULD avoid talking about it himself and just let me, Nick, Kanye, etc. talk about it on his platform. He could easily say “it’s just free speech, man – as long as you’re not breaking the law, it’s not my business.”

Instead, he says he’s doing free speech, because you’re allowed to talk about how the Covid vaccine or the 2020 election was fake – but you’re not allowed to talk about who is responsible for this fakery. At least, you’re not allowed to talk about it and be popular. I was closing in on 40,000 followers in 3 months, and was banned without explanation.

Who knows what Elon is up to. I don’t know. He seems basically sincere when you see him and his comments. But he is aware of who I am and presumably aware of Nick as well. He was definitely aware of Kanye, who he personally banned.

I’m really just getting kind of tired of him being celebrated as a hero. What is he really doing, actually?