Andrew Tate Notes the Jew

Previously: “Naming the Jew” is the Marker of True Quality in Right-Wing Media

Perhaps concerned that he was creating low-quality right-wing media, self-help guru and pornographer Andrew Tate has “noted the Jew.”

Commenting on a video of a woman talking about sucking dick in that creepy gay uptalk that all women do nowadays, Tate said “the necklace.” The necklace had a Jewish “Star of David” (it’s not David’s star).

I don’t think we can call this “naming the Jew,” but we might say it is “noting the Jew.”

As more and more people become aware of the Jewish problem, despite heavy censorship, no one in the right-wing media wants to be known as a “Jew shill.” I doubt that Tate will all of a sudden start talking about the Jewish issue. Instead, he’s doing a “wink-wink” so that people will say “oh yeah, he knows – he knows.”

Frankly, he should be banned from Twitter for this tweet. If people are banned for talking about the Jews, then people should also be banned for suggesting that they know about the Jews. When Elon Musk AKA “The Yipper” bans people for talking about the Jews, he is banning them for thinking about the Jews, so Tate should be banned for signaling that he is aware of the Jewish issue.

Tate claims to be a Moslem. How is it that he gets away with not talking about the Jews?