Florida: Son of Israeli Diplomat Cries in Mug Shot After Intentionally Driving Into Cop

Avraham Gil, 19

All Jews think they’re above the law, but a teenage Israeli in America is an extreme case. He would have spent his whole childhood hearing about how Americans are animals and their country is a savage land.

Of course he thinks as a Jew, one of God’s chosen ones, he’s allowed to kill cops.

New York Post:

The teenage son of an Israeli diplomat is accused of intentionally driving his motorcycle into a Florida cop because he “hates waiting behind traffic,” but could have his charges dropped because of his father’s immunity, according to his attorney.

Avraham Gil, 19, appeared to be hysterically crying in his mugshot after he was arrested for striking a Sunny Isles Beach police lieutenant just after 3:30 p.m. Jan. 27.

What a faggot.


It sucks to know you’re going to jail, but at least get yourself together for the mug shot.

The lieutenant was conducting a traffic stop on Collins Avenue, one of the main roadways on the Miami barrier island, when he saw Gil weaving through traffic and yelled at the teen to stop, according to WPLG.

As the cop motioned for Gil to stop, the teen reportedly continued to ride and “intentionally ran him over.”

That’s nuts.

They’re not even saying he was on drugs.

Imagine behaving this badly, then claiming you’re a victim?

The officer sustained an “incapacitating” injury to his left leg, but grabbed Gil off his bike and brought him to the ground, according to the outlet.

Gil, who lives in Aventura, was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence, both felonies, according to court records viewed by The Post.

Gil’s father, Eli Gil, is the consul for administration at the Israeli Consulate in Miami.

Eli Gil

Gil told officers he was weaving through the vehicles because he “hates waiting behind traffic,” according to the Miami New Times, citing a police report.

Along with “don’t cry in your mugshot,” I would add: don’t talk to the police, especially when you’ve been arrested for an egregious violent crime and committed it for stupid reasons.

Because of his father’s diplomatic status, Avraham Gil’s lawyers argue that the teen’s charges should be dropped as they claim Miami-Dade law doesn’t apply to him.

Saturday’s arrest is not the first time Gil interacted with law enforcement in the Miami area.

He was involved in at least two other run-ins with the law, including at one point fleeing police when they attempted to pull him and his bike over.

Yeah, okay.

He should be deported, and so should his father.

In fact, all Jews should be deported.

Gil’s motorcycle after his arrest