Anglin: “I Reject Blake Masters’ Rejection of My Support”

After I endorsed Blake Masters, the media went nuts, claiming that he must be a neo-Nazi exterminationist because I support him.

Masters has been repeatedly questioned about this, and gave a statement to the Phoenix New Times on this matter:

“I’ve never heard of this guy and I reject his support. The reason I’ve never heard of him is because he’s a nobody, and nobody cares about him except the media,” Masters said in an email to New Times. “They’d like to build him up in order to smear anybody who believes in common sense border security as some kind of ‘Nazi.’ It’s a cheap tactic from Mark Kelly’s media allies and it’s not going to work.”

Many Jews, especially the ravenous lunatic neconservative Jonathan Chait, have written seething articles about this.

This was all a part of my plan, of course.

You see, Masters was a nobody to me – until I heard about him on the live stream of a notorious pedophile named Paul Town. Paul Town is an aggressive supporter of Masters, who he calls “the ideal heterosexual” and claims he has “mannerisms entirely consistent with recognized standards of heteronormativity.”

While I am an avid viewer of Paul Town, I am well aware that he is a renowned pedophile, and that he has an agenda beyond the scope of my comprehension.

You may have heard some of the recent news about Paul Town. For example, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about video proving that Paul Town had entered Comet Ping Pong, an infamous den of child molestation, through an underground tunnel system.

Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz has claimed that Paul Town is involved in a gang-stalking campaign against him, and is extorting his father for $5 million in relation to an alleged tape of Gaetz masturbating in a sauna. Gaetz further claimed that although he has never masturbated in a sauna, he has no choice but to meet Paul Town’s demands to prevent him from horsing around in his backyard in the night.

It is believed that Paul Town plans to use this money to fund Blake Masters’ campaign through a series of shell corporations he operates out of Delaware and New Mexico.

As I looked in deeper, I found that Paul Town had met with Masters in secret on a tarmac in Arizona.

When the White House was finally forced to comment on the meeting, after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was continually badgered by Peter Doocy, they described it as “not a big deal.”

Things took a very strange twist when I found that Jonathan Chait, the very man attacking Masters, had himself claimed that Masters’ connection to Paul Town was unimportant.

That pretty well settles the issue, as far as I am concerned.

Chait, who is rabidly anti-Masters – allegedly – claims without evidence that Masters wants to exterminate Jews, while in the same breath claiming that Masters meeting with a known pedophile who extorted $5 million from Matt Gaetz’ family is irrelevant.

If Chait really was against Masters, why would he not bring up the documented connection to Paul Town, instead of some fantastical nonsense about a plan to exterminate the Jews?

Why would Chait attack Masters by saying he wants to exterminate Jews at all? Polls show that 67% of Republicans “strongly agree” with the statement that “Jews should be liquidated,” while a further 14% say they “really agree.” Meanwhile, a mere 19% support pedophilia, and a measly 11% support gang-stalking and extortion.

The obvious answer to these questions is that Chait is running cover for Masters.

This is why I entered the fray and endorsed Masters, in order to force the discussion out into the light, and force Chait to expose himself. The dozens of people who read Chait’s blog, including the 15 people who liked that tweet, are now seeing him mention the Daily Stormer, will come here and see this article, and will find out that this media campaign against Masters is really an attempt to make him more popular, and that Chait himself is actually the one supporting Masters.

You can say whatever you want about me, but I am certainly a lot better liked than Jonathan Chait, and when people understand that Chait is supporting Masters, they will vote for Mark Kelly.

My Secret Meeting with Mark Kelly

I suppose that at this point, the deal is already done, so I can reveal the secret meeting I had on a tarmac in Tirana with Mark Kelly. Kelly is running against Masters as a Democrat, but this is a ruse. He is a hardcore skinhead, going undercover in the Democrat Party to turn it into a rallying point for the Aryan race.

Kelly contacted me secretly in April, asking for a secret meeting on a tarmac in Albania, where he was running a clandestine operation using Macedonian mercenaries to smuggle NATO weaponry from Kosovo into the hands of the Serbs. In his communications, he briefly mentioned his long-running feud with Paul Town. However, when he landed on the tarmac in Tirana, things took a much broader and breathtaking turn.

Kelly first greeted me with a straight-armed Nazi salute. He then began to divulge his agenda to exterminate the Jews. To be clear about this, Kelly is not just kind of racist, nor is he appealing to racists with Tucker Carlson-like dog whistles. He is an obsessive advocate of eliminationist anti-Semitism.

Although his anti-Semitism was most striking, he also had very severe views on African-Americans, saying “we need to round up all them niggers, put ’em on boats headed on back to Africa – then torpedo the motherfuckers.”

Kelly’s views on women were equally diabolical, claiming that we need to “legalize rape and bring back honor killings.”

Perhaps most interestingly, Kelly made a point to explain that he doesn’t care that Paul Town is a pedophile, but was disgusted by his extortion of Matt Gaetz. Kelly called Gaetz “the single greatest human being I’ve ever known.” However, he added that he had drone footage of Paul Town meeting Jonathan Chait at Comet Ping Pong, where he believes they planned the Masters operation.

He then laid out the plan through which we would hoist Masters on Chait’s petard, before gazing deeply into my eyes to expose to me his pure Aryan soul.

“So, do we have a deal?” Kelly finally asked.

I adjusted my Ray-Bans in the glaring Tirana sun, and stretched out my hand. Met with the vice-like grip of a hand of steel forged from iron, I clicked my tongue and said: “let’s make it happen.”

As Kelly was taking off in his Blackhawk, he was hanging onto the safety bar, and looked me right in the eyes, screaming over the sound of the rotors: “Death to all kikes, niggers, and enemies of the Aryan race! Heil Hitler!”

So that is why I endorsed Blake Masters.

Now, I expect all of you to turn out the vote in Arizona for Mark Kelly.