Angola Asks Russia for More Investments, Pledges Total Support

Angola is an important partner for Russia.


Russian businesses should actively invest in Angola’s economy and its diplomatic mission in Moscow will support such initiatives in every possible way, the African country’s ambassador said on Tuesday.

Speaking to RIA Novosti news agency, Augusto da Silva Cunha said that Luanda is calling on the entrepreneurs to be more active as, so far, Russia’s business presence in Angola has been modest. He also pointed out that, after the start of the conflict in Ukraine, some Western nations have turned to Africa for resources, as some countries on the continent, including Angola, possess large oil and gas deposits.

We want to motivate Russian businessmen to take advantage of Angola’s openness to foreign investment. We want them to participate in various projects to develop the country’s economy, and to earn money as well,” the ambassador said.

No, but seriously: Angola might not be that important. But if you have a dozen third world countries on your side, that is important.

Buying out the third world has been a huge part of the strategy of the United States, and it works.

Also, due to these Western sanctions on Russia, it’s not going to be long before the third world is much wealthier than the first.

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