Another Iraq War, Barry? You are the Man, Dawg.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2014

Following the American tradition of launching a new war against Iraq every ten years, the confused black President decided Thursday to start bombing the already totally destroyed desert nation to save the childrens.  These childrens are on a mountain, my dearest friends, and they are very thirsty.

Reading from a teleprompter, the dazed African terror lord explained that he has a plan to prevent a genocide, that it is the duty of the US to bomb anyone who kills other people on purpose.  This position, many viewers noted, is in stark contrast to his position on the recent purposeful genocide in Gaza carried out by the Jews, which Obama and the rest of the US government voiced total support for.

Punching keywords like “humanitarian crisis,” “suffering” and “Iraq,” Obama then claimed to be an American, and said that this new war against Iraq was not only to help the childrens, but also to save America, claiming that bombing people was a “hallmark” of American identity.

ISIS Trying to Fix the Middle East

ISIS, a group of deranged psychopathic mass-murderers, is attempting to fix the Muslim world by uniting the Arabs under a banner of brutal violence.  Violence is to Arabs as 2 liter bottles of Coca-Cola are to Americans.  Through a genocidal religious doctrine, the Arabs could unite and bring about some new Muslim Empire, which would bring joy to the Arabs through ongoing mass executions and easily crush the Jew State of Israel.

This map shows towns controlled by ISIS (see larger).  This is serious business, and everyone is flipping out.
This map shows towns controlled by ISIS (see on Google Maps). This is serious business, and everyone is flipping out.

ISIS, a group which has gotten most of its funding from Obama (money he looted from your wallet, White Man), is off the reservation.  The US is constantly giving money to groups of crazy people in the hopes that they will kill their enemies.  This pretty well always works out, because it really doesn’t matter who these people kill, as long as they destroy everything.  However, with Muslims all over the Arab world sick of the nonsense, ISIS is using destruction as a method of creation.

This announcement by the African controller of America follows an ISIS attack on Lebanon earlier this week, and a capturing of the country’s largest Christian town a day ago.  They’ve also had some pretty serious victories against the Syrian army this week.

No One Left to Fight Them

The issue is that there is no one left to fund to fight ISIS.  They are Sunni, so opposed to the Shia governments of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, but these forces are considered a serious threat on their own, and thus not a place the Jews want to dump a bunch of missile money into a present.  With no viable group of crazies to pay to kill these other crazies, the US must bomb them.

Originally, Israel announced that they supported ISIS as it weakened Iran, but I don’t think they understood how far this was going to go.  The whole situation is so complicated and weird, trying to manipulate it through Jewing around is highly problematic.

Hell awaits.
Hell awaits.

Though the retard Black President said he is only bombing to save starving children on a mountain and US personnel which we are to believe can’t be evacuated for some reason, apparently, I think we can be pretty sure these bombings are going to be widespread and basically destroy all of the infrastructure that the US has spent the last ten years building – pretty hilarious, that.

I don’t believe this will lead to a ground invasion (unless ISIS takes Baghdad, then it probably would).  But there is no way of knowing how Iraq as a whole will respond to being bombed again by the US.

As a rule, people do not like being bombed by America.