Another Meek Swedish Lamb Gets Attacked by a Pack of Virile Haji Wolves

We’ve seen it a hundred times before, and now we’re gonna see it again.

Voice of Europe:

Horrifying video footage of a Swedish schoolboy being savagely beaten by a gang of racist migrant teens has circulated throughout social media.

The racist beating is said to have occurred at a school in Skövde. Police are currently looking into the situation, Nyheter Idag reports.

The disturbing video shows a young boy lying down on the pavement of the schoolyard trying to protect himself while migrant teens take turn abusing him. The main migrant aggressor in the situation can be seen repeatedly kicking the boy in the face, while another migrant on a bicycle runs over the victim. A third aggressor circles the victim and occasionally kicks him in the head as other onlookers simply watch the brutal attack take place.

While the group of migrant teens ruthless pound the boy, the poor victim lies in the fetal position on the schoolyard pavement, doing his best to protect his face and vital organs. No one comes to his aid.

Where are your guys,” the main attacker yells repeatedly while he kicks a school student in his head.

Skövde Police Chief Magnus Frejman has told journalists at Nyheter Idag that he’s aware of the video but does not yet know the identities of the people involved.

“We’re going to go there for a check and to investigate,” Frejman said.

That’s a good question: where are his guys?

Probably at the sex clinic getting their neo-vaginas like good Swedes, that’s where.