NATO Starts Biggest Drills Since Cold War

There is still a chance of a full NATO invasion of the Ukraine to fight Russia.

It’s much less likely, now that Jews are at risk, but it’s still possible. A lot of powerful people still want it.


NATO is launching its largest exercise since the Cold War, rehearsing how U.S. troops could reinforce European allies in countries bordering Russia and on the alliance’s eastern flank if a conflict were to flare up with a “near-peer” adversary.

Some 90,000 troops are due to join the Steadfast Defender 2024 drills that will run through May, the alliance’s top commander Chris Cavoli said on Thursday.

More than 50 ships from aircraft carriers to destroyers will take part, as well as more than 80 fighter jets, helicopters and drones and at least 1,100 combat vehicles including 133 tanks and 533 infantry fighting vehicles, NATO said.

Cavoli said the drills would rehearse NATO’s execution of its regional plans, the first defence plans the alliance has drawn up in decades, detailing how it would respond to a Russian attack.

NATO did not mention Russia by name in its announcement. But its top strategic document identifies Russia as the most significant and direct threat to NATO members’ security.

“Steadfast Defender 2024 will demonstrate NATO’s ability to rapidly deploy forces from North America and other parts of the alliance to reinforce the defence of Europe,” NATO said.

It wouldn’t be a Russian attack. But of course, like every other war the US has started since the Civil War, they would frame it as defensive somehow.

Biden is saying now that bombing Yemen is defensive.

Israel says it’s blowing the limbs off babies in Palestine defensively.