Antifa Takes to Streets of London to Protest Democracy Results!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2019

What is the point of pretending to have a Human Rights Freedom Democracy™ when a mob of Jewish mutant terrorists can just take to the streets and demand that the elections did not count because the hearts of the ballot casters were full of hate?

The Post Millennial:

“Tory scum off our streets, Nazi scum off our streets!” shouted left-wing protesters in central London.

Around a thousand demonstrators, many masked and holding antifa symbols, poured onto the streets of the British capital to protest the U.K.’s election results. The Conservatives won in a landslide election the day before, likely guaranteeing Britain’s withdrawal from the EU at the end of next month.

Andy Ngo is the only one out there covering the protests, really. He has made Antifa his main beat.

Antifa called for the overthrow of the government because they had lost the elections. Their rallying cry is, “the will of the people shall NOT be heard!”

Because Antifa has powerful Jewish oligarch support, these rioters are basically able to do whatever they want and never face consequences for their actions.

The British capital descended into chaos as the Met Police struggled to contain protesters connected to antifa, socialist and communist groups. They had shut down the streets in and around Westminster. They demanded a “revolution” and the ousting of the Conservatives.

Protesters disobeyed police orders and shoved officers who attempted to block them from certain routes. At one point, officers brandished batons at the crowd to get them to comply.

The protesters held anti-Boris Johnson signs distributed by the Socialist Workers Party. Others, wearing masks, brandished antifa flags.  

At this point, if they can, they should overthrow the UK government.

We all agree now that the current government is bad. Worse than bad. It’s a complete horror show. Anything that upsets the current status quo might give right-wingers some breathing room and a fighting chance.

But they won’t, of course. This is all performative.

They’re actually getting pushed around by wahmen out there. It’s pathetic. These people are a joke.