AP Confirms That the Daily Stormer was Just Joking About 62 Million Trump Voters Being Russian Spies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2017

So a while back, I wrote a satire article about the FBI uncovering that all 62 million Trump voters were either working directly for the FSB, or had their minds controlled by Russia space beams.

It was just a silly thing I wrote when feeling silly.

Then, over the last few weeks, it blew-up, with a bunch of sites reposting it like it was real.

My original post got millions of views and a quarter million likes on Facebook.

It got to the point where the Associated Press wire actually had to confirm that no, this isn’t true fact.


NOT REAL: BREAKING: FBI uncovers evidence that 62 million Trump voters are Russian spies

THE FACTS: The satirical article was republished from The Daily Stormer last week following real headlines of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia. The original piece quoted anonymous sources in the FBI with evidence the voters were KGB agents. One truth in the headline: More than 62 million Americans did cast votes for Trump last Nov. 8 and elected him president.

Snopes also responded to it.

As did Politifact.

I had a funny email exchange with the Politifact guy.

The results of this joke are six million times funnier than the joke itself.

I like it when that happens.

Seriously though, go read that story then imagine someone thinking it was true.