Apparently It’s Illegal “Grooming” to Flirt with a Girl Before She Turns 18…?

Alex Crow

A 30-year-old with an 18-year-old is like pedophilia.

We need laws to stop it.

Oh – I guess there already are laws to stop it.

New York Post:

Police in Mobile, Alabama, are investigating a defrocked priest over claims that he had been “grooming” a recent high school grad before the pair shipped out to Italy.

Former priest Alex Crow, 30, is on the run with a 18-year-old graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, where he spoke in theology classes and heard confessions, according to local reports.

Although police initially didn’t suspect any romance between the pair, they soon discovered that the teen had received a love letter from the unholy man on Valentine’s Day, while she was still a student.

I believe there was some grooming that’s gone on, and you’ve got a much older adult interacting with teenage girls in an inappropriate way,” Sheriff Paul Burch told NBC 15. He also suggested that more female students may have been involved with Crow.

Crow, who was ordained in 2021, had been assigned to the Corpus Christi Parish, but was removed from the clergy by the Archdiocese of Mobile last month after he abandoned his post and ran off to Europe with the teen.

What is the purpose of human sexuality?

Are we not allowed to ask that?

If the purpose is reproduction, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man of any age approaching and romancing young girls.

I don’t even know what the “grooming” law is, actually. I’m going to have to look into it. I think you’re allowed to flirt with girls before they’re 18 and then engage them sexually after their birthday, right?

I mean, how is it possible that this is illegal? What exactly would the crime be?

Also, the age of consent in Alabama is 16 anyway?

Of course, there is a problem here with the fact the guy was a priest. Either that, or there is a problem with the policy of celibacy for priests.

By the way, celibacy was not mandatory for Catholic priests until the 12th century and marriage is still the norm for Eastern Catholic (“Orthodox”) priests.

Moreover: in 1970, Joseph Ratzinger – who became the Pope and was run out by homosexuals – wrote a letter calling for a council to be convened to discuss mandatory celibacy. He never officially condemned it, but clearly wanted it changed. He was an anti-homosexual activist.

I only recently found out about this. After reading the article, I intended to write a piece about it, but sometimes these things never get done, so I’m mentioning it here. Ratzinger died recently, and published a posthumous book saying faggot priests in America are having orgies in the churches. He was run out by the faggots because he was about to start making moves – one of which almost certainly would have been abolishing mandatory celibacy.

Celibacy for priests was always an option, but making it mandatory is just wrong. Sorry. I’m saying it. It doesn’t make any sense.

This rule was initially implemented not for spiritual reasons, but to prevent priests from gifting church land to their kids. Seriously. It was purely political. Look it up. I think there are probably other ways to solve that problem!

Saint Paul didn’t stutter on this issue: celibacy is preferred, if a man is capable of it, but if he’s not, there’s nothing wrong with marriage. This is from Corinthians, so it is a letter to the church leadership (he obviously wasn’t saying that most people in general should try to be celibate):

Very straightforward: the ability for celibacy is a gift from God, and if you have it, embrace it. If you don’t, then get married.

I have brought this up to Catholics who support mandatory celibacy. They will start with the “you can’t just interpret a random verse!”

But it’s not my interpretation – it’s the interpretation of the Church itself from the 4th to the 11th century, and is the current interpretation of the Eastern Church. If you are blocking men from getting married while being priests, you’re actually violating what Paul said. He said it for a reason. Now, we have a den of homosexuals in the Church, and a literal homosexual Pope!

The Church is now literally having discussions about gay marriage, there are anal flags in Catholic Churches in Germany, they are talking about woman priests – but what Ratzinger suggested more than 40 years ago, that mandatory celibacy be reevaluated, is off limits. It’s obvious that at this point, it is the homosexual cult that has infiltrated the Church that is pushing for continued mandatory celibacy.

There is nothing wrong with a Catholic questioning this. Again – the man who would become Pope questioned it.

You have a lot, lot, lot of men who would like to devote their lives to God. When you then add the variable of “oh and you can never have sex or children,” you cut out at least 99% of those men.

Again: celibacy was always an option, and there is something special about a man who devotes himself to that, and I do think in some ways he is going to have a closer connection to God by suppressing the base impulse. But that’s assuming he’s actually doing it, and is not a secret homosexual! How many of the current priests are secret homosexuals???

You’re going to enforce a POLITICAL POLICY from the Middle Ages at the cost of being infiltrated and destroyed by homosexuals???

Obviously, a policy of celibacy could be enforced without being infiltrated by homosexuals. But a priest is a very good job for a homosexual – he can explain why he’s not married, and he can have access to pubescent boys. And when you’ve limited your pool to the point that the church has limited the pool, you are by default going to end up with more homosexuals, and now you have a takeover by homosexual and homosexuals recruiting other homosexuals (not least the altar boys that they turned homosexual by molesting them!).

E. Michael Jones, who is I think in some ways the last true public intellectual, is a hardcore Catholic and will defend priestly celibacy. However, E. Michael Jones is also a massive critic of the current state of the Church, and it sure would be nice to have a guy like him serving as a Bishop, wouldn’t it???

Why isn’t he serving as a Bishop, I wonder???

Well, maybe ask his wife, kids, and grandkids, huh???

Sorry. This is so obvious and it needs to be said. Ratzinger basically said it, I’m saying it. Enough is enough.

That Having Been Said…

There is probably a problem with a priest using his position as a priest to find the hottest teenage girl as his wife, even if you ban celibacy. I think it’s a pretty hard policy in the Orthodox Church that you must be married before you are ordained as a priest, because you shouldn’t really be able to use the authority of the Church – which is ultimately the authority of God – to pick the fittest girl you can find.

I mean, if you’re the parish priest, you presumably have authority over the parents of the girl you pick, and it just creates a kind of inappropriate situation.

Anyway, that’s a minor issue, and it is a separate issue from this guy, because he actually abandoned his post out of love. I assume this guy just got very smitten and I’m not blaming him for his decisions, necessarily. We don’t know the details of this situation.

Figuring out how to make it so people can’t become priests and then use that authority to get the hottest girl in town is a problem that was apparently dealt with during the MORE THAN 1,000 YEARS that Christians did not mandate celibacy, so I’m sure we can find a solution to it now.