Appeals Court Blocks Texas from Investigating Parents Who Give Puberty Blockers to Kids

In America, you have to be a tranny.

You don’t have a choice.


A Texas appeals court on Friday upheld a lower court’s injunction blocking the state from investigating parents who provide their transgender children with gender-affirming medical treatments, which Governor Greg Abbott has called abusive.

Abbott, a Republican, had ordered the state Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) to carry out child abuse investigations into families whose children were receiving puberty-blocking treatments in February 2022.

A month later, a district court judge imposed a statewide temporary injunction on such investigations, saying the probes endangered children and their families.

The appeals court in Austin upheld the district court judge’s injunction in a pair of rulings on Friday, delivering a victory to LGBTQ groups, medical professionals and civil liberties advocates opposing moves by conservative politicians in dozens of states to criminalize the provision of gender-transitioning treatments for trans youth.

Brandon is going to end up doing some kind of federal mandated child tranny agenda.

Some of these people really believe in trannies. Godless people will believe in anything, because they have no concept of truth. If you reject God, you are just in a total void.

However, the bigger issue is that the global government system is obsessed with massively reducing the population. Some of them want to do that to change the weather, while others know that the reverse is true: the global warming hoax is about population reduction.

I’m not sure that anyone has actually come out and said “we’re making people sterile as a form of population control.” When you search for it, you get a bunch of headlines that sound like parodies.

However, I doubt anyone will address the fact that they are simultaneously arguing for population control while also pushing this tranny dick-chopping (and uterus removal in the case of f-to-m). It’s simply very obvious that the two are linked, but it is not in the interests of the globalist overlords to admit it. Everyone who believes in global warming also believes in trannies anyway, so they don’t need to make the argument to convince global warmers to get on board with trannies.

Instead, they just keep acting like “you can become a woman,” which implies having kids (it’s the defining factor of being a woman, is it not?). They are talking about…

Transplanting uteruses. 

I don’t usually give women advice because they are too stupid to take it, but if you are a woman, I will give you this piece of advice: do NOT have “organ donor” on your driver’s license. Your uterus could be cut out and sold to some tranny science experiment, and you could, after death, give birth to a tranny baby.

Actually, I assume that procedure is totally impossible. Regardless, no one should be an organ donor. Can you imagine anything more morbid than having parts of your body inside of someone else’s body? What’s more, while the tranny uterus thing is probably impossible, they will eventually be able to turn on people’s brains after they’re dead and keep them in jars. And your brain is an organ.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.