Rare Black Man with a Job and 10 Kids Gets Held at Gunpoint for Giving a Discount to Customer

Even black people who work are not safe from normal blacks.

They can’t even give them a discount without getting the gun put up at them.

New York Post:

A Cleveland Burger King employee was held at gunpoint by an irate customer — who didn’t like being given a $3 discount on his meal.

Howard Vernon, 38, was working the drive-thru Easter morning when an customer came through his lane, ordering two sausage egg and cheese croissants, a sausage biscuit and hash browns around 9 a.m., the employee told Cleveland 19.

The total came out to around $8, three dollars less than the normal cost due to the special running at the time.

He was like: ‘My order can’t be right it should be like $11,’ and I’m like trying to explain to him that we had a promotion going on and it’s cheaper, and he started cussing and getting all loud,” father-of-10 Vernon told the outlet.

“I was like I don’t know what to tell you I don’t know why you want to pay more money,” he continued.

“To know that somebody would do something like that just because I’m trying to give you a better deal and it flip out like that, it is scary,”

After I thought about it afterwards, it had me shook up a little bit… what if he did shoot me and kill me you know? I have 10 kids! I would have been leaving all my kids,” Vernon said.

Let this be a lesson: don’t ever give anything to the blacks.

They will only resent you for it.