NYPD Data Shows Serious Crime Spiked to Levels Unseen in Nearly Two Decades

People keep saying “crime was worse in the 1990s.” But they won’t break those statistics down by city and demographics.

If you do the math, the crime we are seeing in major Democrat cities is worse than any crime anywhere, ever, in all of history.

New York Post:

Serious crime spiked again last year to levels unseen in nearly two decades, according to internal NYPD data obtained by The Post — even as Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly claimed that “crime is down” in the Big Apple.

For the second year in a row under Adams, overall crime was on the rise — driven by a historic surge in assaults, which neared 28,000 for the first time in the city’s publicly recorded history, according to the police department’s rolling report.


The report tracks the tally of seven major felony offenses after the time of arrest to when cases move to district attorneys, who decide whether to upgrade, downgrade or stick with the charge. For instance, a perp who punches someone might be charged with a misdemeanor at first, but if the victim’s condition later worsens, the prosecutor could boost it to a felony.

The count of major felonies — which include murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and car thefts — is generally used as a benchmark for success year after year.

City Hall has argued it has focused its policing efforts on driving down murders and gun violence, both of which have seen double-digit percentage dips since Adams, a moderate Democrat, became mayor.

While Adams has been touting his success in his war against crime, citing a slight dip reported at the end of 2023, the rolling report shows that the early-year victory lap was premature.

The number of seven major crimes in 2023 jumped to 127,111 once around 430 upgrades were accounted for, marking the highest totals since 2006 for the second year in a row, according to the police data.

Police sources said it could get even worse — as historically up to 800 crimes are upgraded in the rolling report annually before the final tally is set for that year.

In recent months, the mayor has been banging the drum about his administration’s success in combating crime, proclaiming “our strategy is working” in his State of the City speech in January.

He touted year-end 2023 data showing a .3% dip in overall major crime, coupled with double-digit decreases in murder, burglary and shootings, compared to his first year in office.

But the NYPD’s rolling report paints a different picture.

We will probably look back from the future and decide that legalizing black crime because George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest after committing a felony was… not a very good decision.

Really, it has not had a positive outcome at all.

Is there a way to re-outlaw crime?

Probably not.