Appearing at Satanic Ritual Travis Scott Concert, Kanye West Finishes Full Reintegration with the Jew System

Travis Scott is a satanic type of rapper who gets high on like, tranquilizers, and does these zombie shows with all this satanic imagery. It’s very low energy, low vibration stuff.

You’ll remember that a bunch of people died at one of his concerts while there was a bunch of satan images on the stage.

A lot of internet people thought this was some kind of satanic ritual murder event.

I’m really on that, typically. It seems more like “black people get hired to manage a very large concert – problems occur.”

Either way, it is obvious that Scott is a tool of Jews to spread really bizarre satanic imagery into the minds of the youth.

Here’s some “Monarch Mind Control” type material:

Scott just launched a new tour and did a huge concert in Rome.

There was an interesting special guest.

Rolling Stone:

Travis Scott’s ambitious live premiere of his newest album Utopia, originally set to take place at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, took place in Italy on Monday at the historic Circus Maximus, an event stadium and park in Rome that was at one point the home of chariot races. Utopia, which became Scott’s third album to debut at Number One this week, has received numerous comparisons from fans to Kanye West’s 2013 album Yeezus. So, fittingly, Travis Scott brought Ye out on stage during his show. “There is no Utopia without Kanye West,” he told the crowd. “There is no Travis Scott without Kanye West. There is no Rome without Kanye West.”

The two went on to perform “Praise God” from Donda as well as the hit single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” from Ye’s 2007 album Graduation. As he exited the stage, the crowd could be heard chanting Kanye’s name. The appearance marks Ye’s first concert performance since a slew of controversies last year, including his now-infamous “death con 3” tweet, as well as podcast appearances in which he expressed antisemitic views.

For his part, Scott’s Utopia performance is the largest scale production from the musician since his Astroworld Festival in Houston ended with 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries. “It’s been only one human being on this motherfucking planet that has ever walked side-by-side with me through anything and every motherfucking thing,” Scott said of Ye.

The Circus Maximus was primarily a race track, but it was also a pagan cult site where a lot of people died.

Videos from the event are gross.

Not as gross as Kanye West’s wife’s ass though.

Seriously – wtf?

Bitch needs some kind of surgery if she’s gonna go around in pants like that.

For real. 

Kanye was seduced by this dumb whore and he sold out the people to the Jews.

The Jews gave him back some of his material treasures.

Many such cases.