Arabian Florida Tire Shop Flying Nazi Flag to Protest Gaza Genocide


People should fly swastikas.

Jews are a bunch of baby-killing monsters.

The people are realizing that Adolf Hitler was right.

New York Post:

A Florida tire shop is under fire for flying a Nazi flag outside a busy highway on Wednesday, as the owner defended his actions by claiming it is meant to protest “a modern-day holocaust” in Gaza.

Radi Ahmad, the owner of the 904 x 4 on Philips Highway in Spring Park, said the stunt is his way of reminding people that what Palestinians are going through in Gaza is supposedly the same as what Jewish people experienced during World War II under Nazi Germany.

Radi Ahmad

“I put that out there to bring awareness, to bring remembrance … to let people understand, we’re living … or Palestinians are living in a modern-day holocaust,” Ahmad told Action News Jax.

“They are going through hardships, starvation, demolishing other homes,” he added. “There’s so much hate, so much cruelty out there, and we’re witnessing it firsthand.”

Zero chance it’s negatively affecting his business.

People love the swastika.

People hate the baby-killer Jews.

You’re going to see a lot more swastikas flying in the future, I can promise you that.