Are the Jews Really a More Important News Story Than the Guy from Friends Dying?

It’s really shameful that the Post would give the big block to a sexy IDF girl instead of that guy from Friends who drowned while drunk in a hot tub.

If I was the editor of the Post, I would have commissioned a Photoshop of him in the tub drowning, and then have a witty headline that reads “so no one told you life was gonna be this way.”

We are like, more than two weeks into “World War Jew.” Nothing is even happening, other than mass Palestine child death, which is the same thing that’s been happening for two weeks.

Anyway – the penetration of the theory that the Jew military has 20-year-old blonde women manning the mortars is like some kind of reverse blood libel against the world. It’a a vaginal fluid libel.

This is not true. It’s not a fucking anime. The Israeli military has only men in combat roles, like every other single military on earth since the beginning of time.

I wrote about this on Monday. I’ll clip it:

To be fair to women for the first time ever (today is an occasion all around): there is also a very high success rate of “hot IDF chicks” – propaganda designed to imply that the IDF is partially or even entirely composed of sexy 19-year-old Russian professional models wearing full makeup and hair – resulting in male support for the IDF. Millions of human male brains react to discussion of the IDF by pulling up these images as reference to what it is. Through a subconscious process, the brain signals “those nasty brown men with greasy beards shouldn’t be beating up on those sexy and very hot Russian girls – can you imagine them being raped? We have to protect them from the brown men,” which transmits to the conscious mind as “support the Israel military.” That’s actually the way people’s brains work. “Hot IDF chicks” propaganda likely is responsible for more support for Israel’s military barbarism than Zionist evangelicalism in men under the age of 65.

It’s an incredibly powerful strategy, it’s simply that it was only when the Jews got a country with an army that someone had the nerve to do it. Everyone on the earth, save the Jews, would simply be too embarrassed to purposefully create propaganda intended to imply that their military is composed of sexy, nubile professional models literally flown in from Russia for photoshoots in IDF military uniforms (some of the photos have been confirmed to have been taken in Russia, and virtually none of the girls are actually even Jewish, according to analysis by experts).

This shit is sickening.

It’s beyond the pale.

Every picture of the Israel military is women, and that is not real. They are staged photographs. The girls are usually not even Jewish.

This propaganda is ubiquitous, and it is so very bold. I would call it “Jewish” as an insult, but it is literally propaganda of the Jew “state.”