Israel Says You’re Either with the Jews or with Hamas (No Criticism Allowed at All)

You’ve got yourself a deal, Jews.


Nations that have failed to support Israel’s response to the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 are on the side of the militant group in the conflict, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has declared. There can be no neutrality regarding the conflict, a ministry spokesman has insisted.

Speaking at a virtual media briefing on Friday, Lior Hayat described Israel’s intention to obliterate Hamas as an existential goal. The group’s leadership, he claimed, is planning “another October 7 massacre, and another one after that, and another one after that.”

Yeah, the problem that Israel has now is that everyone in the world knows they purposefully target civilians, so they can’t actually complain about someone doing that to them.

They could have simply squeezed out of the Hamas event.

Hayat said Israel had received “unprecedented international support” after the attack, because “no one could see those atrocities and not understand what we are dealing with.”

That’s false.

Totally untrue. No one on earth supports Israel other than Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.

I want to send a very clear message to the international community. If you do not condemn Hamas, if you do not [support] Israel’s right to self-defense, you are supporting Hamas.

“There is no middle way. You are either standing with Israel or you are standing with Hamas.”


I’m fine with that.

In fact – I double down on that and say that people who claim they don’t support Hamas are cowards, and everyone on earth has a moral duty to support Hamas, because they fight for freedom.

What the hell is the Jew claim at this point, I don’t even understand. They’ve killed at least ten times as many people as Hamas killed. Is the claim that they can do it because Hamas drew first blood, or that they can do it because they’re Jewish?

Because Hamas didn’t draw first blood. First blood was drawn in the 40s by the Jews who stole the land.

The Jews have been targeting civilians on purpose for decades.

There is no moral argument for Israel. It’s incoherent.

The only argument for Israel is I guess that you think… all Moslems should be killed, or that you believe Jews are the master race and can do anything they want to anyone. Also, if you’re big on gay sex, you might support Israel as the only anal country in the Middle East.

I don’t support Israel, personally.