Armenian Breakaway Leader Accuses Israel of Being Responsible for Genocide Against Christians

Did you know that, last week, the president of the Armenian Christian region trying to break away from Moslem Azerbaijan accused Israel of being responsible for genocide against Christians? No, of course you didn’t. Because the Western media didn’t report it. The story was completely blanked out.

Outside of the Western world, though, it was reported, including in the English language.

Here, for example, is a Paki English-language news report about it.

Somehow, however, Western journalists managed to miss this one, despite the October 10th press conference at which Arayik Harutyunyan, the Armenian breakaway leader, made these remarks being live-streamed on YouTube with simultaneous translation into English.

Around the 20-minute mark in the video, a reporter raises the topic of Azerbaijan’s purchase of UAVs from Israel, notes that they were supposed to have been used for defensive purposes only and asks whether he thinks the Israeli government is aware they are now being used for offensive purposes. Harutyunyan is apparently amused by the suggestion that Israel might not know.

“In the April war, not only was the Israeli government aware that they were using it for attack. Experts from Israel were also involved on the scene. So if the government of Israel said they were unaware, that would be untrue. They were aware and they continue to provide these UAVs.

The authorities of Israel are responsible for this genocide. They themselves had lived a genocide. Money rules in the world. And these steps by the Israeli authorities are yet another proof of that. For money, they disrespect not only human values but the values dictated by God.”

The Armenian diaspora and its associated activist organizations are sometimes described as the second most powerful ethnic lobby group in American politics. But there is obviously a vast gulf between first and second.