As Endless Smoke Billows from Burning Buildings and Cars, Greta Says Nothing

One of the most remarkable pieces of footage so far from the first serious Race War of the 21st century is this clip of a parking lot burning.

These people are burning thousands of vehicles, including global warming oriented “electric vehicles,” which are even more toxic than regular vehicles. They have burned nearly 6,000 vehicles, according to official count.

They have also burned down over 1,000 buildings, which themselves contain all kinds of plastics and other compounds which become toxic when burned.

This creates a massive environmental crisis. I do not believe in global warming at all, but it is plain that this is an environmental disaster on a scale we have not ever seen before.

Primarily, the disaster will affect those in the region – the air is going to be toxic for quite a while after the rioting stops. The groundwater is also going to be filled with toxins for quite a while. It’s also likely that the food grown in the region outside of the city will contain toxins from the soil, where all of this material that is going up in smoke will eventually fall.

You’ll remember that when 911 happened, it increased the cancer rate in New York City. You usually only hear about the first responders, who got cancer sometimes shortly after the event, but people all around the area have developed early onset cancers since the event.

Those were big buildings, of course, but there were only three of them that were destroyed. Furthermore, although those WTC buildings contained asbestos, I believe that the chemicals in the smoke from these electric vehicles is on par with that. Moreover, it’s certain that many of these buildings burning in France also have asbestos. (A quick search shows that many homes in France still contain asbestos, which was only banned there in 1997.)

If I believed in global warming, I would be absolutely outraged by what is going on. But you know who is not outraged? Greta Thunberg. At the beginning of this “burn everything” festival of the Arabs, she popped up in Kiev – now known as KEEV – to give “professional advice” to Volognodogonoomorogor Zelieenilenskiiiyey. She is obviously aware of what is happening in France.

I briefly wondered if this was her driving:

It turns out it was not.

She isn’t saying anything because she is not actually a “climate activist.” She is, in fact, retarded, mentally ill, and very ugly (mutant face, no tits). She likes being rich and famous, and her parents like it more. She is a tool, who only ever attacks white people. The fact that she shilled coronavirus, claiming to be an expert, before going to the Ukraine and claiming to be an expert on war, tells you all you need to know. She supports every globalist-Jewish agenda.

The whole thing is a complete fraud, and even the people claiming to believe in it don’t actually believe in it. With the Ukraine thing: if Greta actually believed that the war was going to cause some kind of apocalyptic weather crisis, she would not care about the politics involved, and she would be advising Zelensky to end the war. Instead, she supports it continuing, and just wants to say that Putin is evil. Totally political.

Just so, she is choosing not to call for an end to the violence in Paris, because saying Moslems are changing the weather with their uprising is not politically correct, and not part of the agenda of the globalists.