“Ask the Experts” – Doctors Respond to Mainstream Consensus on Coronavirus and “Vaccine”

Back in December, alternative media outlet Oracle Films put together a collection of experts who do not toe the party line talking about the coronavirus and the alleged “vaccine,” warning that all is not what it seems.

The BBC’s “Panorama” in February then did a response to that video, “debunking” it as “extremism” and “disinformation.”

Now, the original team has released a sequel, responding to the BBC’s response, entitled “Ask the Experts II.”

As you know, it has been a year since I declared the coronavirus pandemic a hoax, explaining that it was just the flu, and even if it was a new strain of the flu, there was no qualitative or quantitative difference between it and any other flu.

I was among the first people to say this, now even Tucker Carlson says it. A big step in this process was when a journal published by Johns Hopkins University admitted that there were not any new deaths from the virus, and that the high death toll was a result of moving around numbers, attributing deaths from not just the flu, but heart attack and cancer deaths, among others, to the supposed coronavirus.

There are different views going around:

  1. Some say it is a new virus, but it is just a mild flu
  2. Some say it’s just literally the same flu we’ve always had, rebranded as a new disease
  3. Some say that there are scientific problems with the entire concept of viruses

But all honest people are coming to these conclusions:

  1. The testing is fake – the PCR was never meant to be used like this
  2. The deaths are exaggerated (there are no new deaths from respiratory disease)
  3. There is some other agenda behind the lockdown
  4. The vaccine is untested, it is not a vaccine, it is a dangerous medical procedure messing with people’s genetics

If someone is saying something different than that, they are either lying on purpose, they are brainwashed, or they are stupid.

We have the data.

This is the single biggest scam in all of history, and the implications are much scarier than the hoax itself.

Why are they doing this? What is their long term plan here?

That is the question that is most terrifying.

But there is nothing we can do about it, other than follow the truth in our own lives, and do the best we can to do the right thing.