Attention Women: These “Missing Persons” Posters the Jews are Putting Up are a Trap

I hate that Twitter caption more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life.

The father of the latest victims of the “have you seen these missing persons who were kidnapped in Israel in a totally different city?” fake poster scam says they’re good girls.

They’re not that good of girls, because they’re not covering their hair. They are dressed modestly (excluding the pants, which is disgusting – nothing more vulgar than a woman in pants). They’re covering themselves, but I suspect that might relate to the weather in New York, rather than a sense of modesty.

But yeah, I’d say they’re pretty good girls.

New York Post:

The father of two young women caught tearing down Israeli child hostage posters while yelling “F–k Israel” on the Upper West Side on Tuesday defended his daughters as “good girls” and insisted the ongoing conflict in Israel is “not about Jewish and Muslim.”

In an exclusive interview with The Post, Hasan Bakaret said he’s always done his best to teach his girls right from wrong.

Well, they’re not covering their hair, Hasan.

“That’s the way I was raised,” said Bakaret, a New Yorker who immigrated from Lebanon more than 35 years ago.

“And now my daughters are watching pictures of babies dying, buildings collapse on people. It does something.”

Bakaret’s daughters Aya and Dana went viral after being spotted ripping down the posters from a storefront window at Broadway and 79th Street by Marilyn Adler, who confronted the women and filmed the encounter while out with her two adult daughters.

“We asked them not to take the posters down. They cursed at my daughter. I was terrified. I felt scared,” Adler told The Post, saying she was fearful the women might physically harm her daughters.

Shut up, Jew.

Seriously – stop whining, you stupid hook-nosed, baby-killer cunt. No one cares.

Shut up.

Shut up.


It’s a Trap – They’re Trick Posters

Putting these posters up is a trap, by the way.

Obviously, it makes zero sense to put up missing persons posters for people kidnapped by Hamas in Israel in New York (or any of the other places they’ve been hanging these posters).

No one escaped Hamas captivity and then flew to New York and didn’t bother calling their family, which is what the “missing persons” posters hanging in New York imply. It implies that someone is going to see the escaped hostage poster and say “yeah, I saw that person hanging out at Starbucks.”

It’s obviously nonsensical, and it is insane to me that no one is pointing that out.

What the Jews are doing is putting up these posters and then laying in wait with cameras for some outraged person to come rip them down, so they can post the footage on the internet and destroy their lives.

(In New York, I doubt there is anyone laying in wait – it’s more that there are a lot of Jews there, and every Jew understands the point of these posters, and is ready with their phone for some outraged Arab women to walk by.)

If you see these posters and want to rip them down, don’t do it. At least not in the daytime.

Of course, men sort of sense this, even if they don’t know the details. Men have a sixth sense about traps.

This is why the people falling for the trap and getting life-ruined are all women.

Razorblades Under the Posters

If they can’t film you doing it and ruin you life, they’re at least going to slice up your fingers.

Jews are now putting razorblades under their scam “missing persons” posters.

(Note it’s a woman in that video too, lol. The poor dame.)

I’m just so exhausted by these people.

I just wish.

You know what I wish.

I wish a gigantic frog in an Arsenal jersey would rampage through Tel Aviv.