Watch: American Boomer Shoots at Global Warmers Blocking Highway in Panama, Kills Two

It’s time once again for your favorite game, my dear friend [INSERT YOUR NAME]: “BASED or CRINGE?”

Here we go:

“American Boomer Shoots at Global Warmers Blocking Highway in Panama, Kills Two”


New York Post:

An elderly American has been arrested after a gunman was caught on camera walking up to environmental protesters blocking a Panamanian highway Tuesday and blasting two of them to death.

Disturbing footage showed a man with gray hair and glasses casually approaching the blockade on the Pan-American Highway and waving his finger while arguing with the demonstrators — before pulling out a gun and opening fire.

Other footage showed people standing around bodies in the road in the Chame sector west of Panama City as well as the gunman being cuffed and led to a squad car.

Police later shared a photo of the suspect handcuffed to a pipe as he was identified as Kenneth Darlington, 77, a lawyer and professor who holds dual citizenship in the US and Panama, according to Newsroom Panama and Agence France-Presse.

Personally, I can’t do BASED or CRINGE on this one.

We can say the photo is based:

What faggot censors a gun? Wtf even is this? It’s the same gun that everyone sees in movies, faggot.
We’re going old school. By the way, I don’t know if you know this, but resurrecting dead memes and then forcing them on people against their will is part of the effects of the illness. It’s not part of the revelations, it’s just happening as a side effect.

But you really shouldn’t go to someone else’s country and do random street killings.

It’s such a boomer thing to do. They get so agitated when they’re outside of America. They move to save money, and for sex. (“Sex” in the broadest sense. In the Third World, there is both prostitution and the ability to marry a much younger woman. These two things no longer exist in so-called “Kikemerica Part IV: Funneling Money Into the Gullet of Baby-Killing Jews.” It’s natural enough for an old man to want to remarry and have more children. Being in your 70s and wanting to have sex with hookers is totally bizarre and confusing to me, and I think is only a boomer thing. Some of the boomers think hookers – at least at their age – is an affront to their dignity, and instead just get married to some young woman who will be their nursemaid and pop out the grandkids their whore daughter didn’t deliver enough of, but they are all involved in sex in some sense.)


The money thing is probably bigger than the sex thing, in the ultimate scheme. Boomers are so stingy. They go to the Third World because it’s cheaper, then can’t tolerate the way the locals run the place, and live in a constant state of anger and agitation. I’ve been unfortunate enough to witness the expat boomer in both Latin America and Asia, and it’s always the same thing. They are constantly on edge and ready to explode screaming at confused little brown people (who are virtually always well-meaning and happy to help as best they can).

Not only is this common among boomer expats, I’ve never seen a single boomer this was not true of. They are all constantly agitated, or totally wasted drunk. In fact, they can be sloshed totally and still be agitated.

(I have seen boomers that had lived in the Third World for decades, and some of them were relaxed. Not all of them, however.)

I have no idea how much of this is due to their age and how much is “the boomer mindset.” I think it’s not normal for people this age to be experiencing this kind of culture shock. The conquistadors and other colonials were always fit 20-somethings looking for sex at a normal age.

I just saw my first AI nipple on this prompt. That sort of destroys my theory that there is a full second pass on the censorship. There is some kind of second pass, because half the time it renders the image and won’t show it to you, but the fact a nip can slip means it’s not comprehensive. It was a negress nipple and I am therefore suing. However, this one here is I think perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted – and on the first prompt! (tbf, I am very good at prompts.) We are going to have 100% AI images within six months, and they’re all going to be this perfect.

But even if it is just an age thing, it’s only boomers who would get up and move to another country during the sunset of their life to save money they’re not going to live to spend anyway. Typically, there is a natural “I was born here and I’ll die here” sentiment among people who are over the hill. Therefore, through the transitive property, the boomer mindset is responsible for the situation.

So, I understand when you hear “77-year-old American goes to Panama to execute global warming protesters in the street,” you’re going to register “BASED.”

But I know the context, and it’s CRINGE.

Further (Very Important) Notes on Expat Boomer Rage

We only talk about very interesting topics on this website, and boomer expats are an interesting topic.

Like with most issues, I would write an entire book if I had robot hands, but I have one more point we can’t skip – I thought of this sentence just now while pacing:

“Boomers think they can bridge thousands of years of evolutionary divergence with rude shouting.”

Then, I thought: “maybe it’s because they are in the ‘one race, the human race’ hippie cult, and don’t believe in evolutionary divergence?”

For me, when I was first in the Third World, there was a clear and immediate impulse to simply explain to the small brown people: “you my friends are doing things very inefficiently, but not to worry, this is easily rectified under my tutelage.”

It took me maybe 10 days to figure out that the inefficiency was viewed as a feature and not a bug, and I said: “okay, so this is some kind of biological divergence, where it’s genetically hardwired into their psychology not to prioritize the most efficient means to an end because they’re just enjoying the process.”

It’s a noble quality, I think. Immediately whites say: “purposeful inefficiency? Okay, IQ test – yup, racially inferior.” Probably, there is something admirable there. I don’t think it can be imitated by whites, but it can be respected. Just sit and look at the Mexicans some time. They’re so joyful, like children.

I had been indoctrinated into the “no races” cult too, but the whole thing collapsed, virtually immediately, upon contact with another race. Race differences are red pills for babies these days, but back then, in the mid-00s, it was a pretty major revelation for me.

Here’s the thing – and this is the punchline you deserve: explaining to the boomers that it was biological was as difficult as explaining the efficiency problems to the natives. The boomers just wouldn’t register it. They’d say, “nah, they’re just…” and then trail off. The full thought was “nah, they’re just fucking with me.” In the boomer’s mind: “this whole country is designed to irritate me personally.”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.