Australia Gives Tuvalu “Climate Refuge” in Exchange for Vetoing Their Security Deals

I don’t know the story of Tuvalu’s land, but I just looked it up and Wikipedia says that whites going there and building navy bases everywhere prevented sand accumulation on the beaches. That seems a much better explanation for a receding coast than cow farts.

If the land is washing out into the sea, they should have made a deal with the Chinese, because the Chinese can fix that.

Chinese create massive fake land and fake islands everywhere. It seems like that’s what you would want. But maybe you’d just want to send all your people to live in Australia on welfare?

Japan Today:

Citizens of climate-threatened Tuvalu will have the right to live in Australia under a landmark pact unveiled Friday — an offer of refuge as their Pacific homeland is lost beneath the seas.

Prime ministers Kausea Natano and Anthony Albanese signed a treaty to help Tuvalu’s 11,000 residents tackle climate change, and to take up sanctuary should the worst fears materialise.

Tuvalu is among the world’s most vulnerable nations due to rising sea levels.

Two of Tuvalu’s nine coral islands have already largely disappeared under the waves, and climate scientists fear the entire archipelago will be uninhabitable within the next 80 years.

Natano said the agreement was a “beacon of hope” for his imperiled nation, and an offer of support that “has touched our hearts profoundly“.

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According to the pact, Tuvalu’s citizens would be able to “live, study and work in Australia” and gain access to “Australian education, health, and key income and family support on arrival.”

Refugee law expert Jane McAdam described the pact as “groundbreaking.”

“It’s the first agreement to specifically deal with climate-related mobility,” the University of New South Wales professor told AFP. “Most people don’t want to leave their homes, they have very deep ancestral ties to their land and sea — but this offers a lifeline.”

To avoid a damaging “brain drain”, the number of Tuvaluans able to move to Australia will initially be capped at 280 per year.

They’re worried all these little island nations are gonna ally with China

New Zealand had previously floated the idea of offering Pacific Island nations a “climate visa”, but the idea was scrapped amid opposition from islands fearing mass economic emigration.

Under the agreement unveiled on Friday, Australia has also pledged to spend AUD$16 million (US$10 million) buttressing the country’s shrinking shorelines and reclaiming lost land.

I mean. I don’t know about Tuvalu.

But you can read it right in the Wikipedia page:

During World War II, several piers were also constructed on Fongafale in the Funafuti Lagoon; beach areas were filled and deep-water access channels were excavated. These alterations to the reef and shoreline resulted in changes to wave patterns, with less sand accumulating to form the beaches, compared to former times; the shoreline is now exposed to wave action. Several attempts to stabilise the shoreline have not achieved the desired effect.

It’s only in 2023, when they started begging for money and begging for welfare in Australia, that they started saying global warming.

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