Hitler was Right and You Filthy Rats Know Me and My Friends Would All Say It to Your Weasel Faces

Silence, Jew! We’ve heard enough of your whining!

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The Jews released a video of a white man in his fifties lecturing his teenage son about how saying “Hitler was right” is hatred.

Sickeningly, the goal of the video is to attack white people for not supporting their racial exterminationist “anti-Amelekism” program in Gaza.

In the dramatic – oh, so dramatic – scene, the father confronts the lad about posting “Hitler was right,” and says “I didn’t raise you like that, to be a hater.” It is then revealed that they are in front of a synagogue and the father says “get out and say it to their faces.”

The video implies that “Jews are just humans like us.”

Firstly, Jews are not human.

Secondly, no man is going to make a big emotional scene with their son like that, even if they think their son is wrong. The video would have made sense if it was a nagging single mother.

If I caught my son posting anti-Hitler material, I would not take him to the local Nazi offices and tell him to go tell the Nazis he hates Hitler. Instead, I would slap the shit out of him and force him to watch internet documentaries about how Hitler was good.

Thirdly, Hitler was right. What was he wrong about, exactly? Where did he lie?

Of course, the whole thing is supposed to be a reference to the “Holocaust.” In fact, the Holocaust is a hoax and did not happen. If it did, I would understand the motivations for it, and some people might say that it should have happened, but it didn’t happen. Where are the mass graves, Jews??? Explain the census numbers, Jews??? If six million people died, why were they still alive after the war??

A cage with an eagle and a bear?? The wall of eyes??? Poop diamonds?? Rollercoasters of death?? Electric floors??

If I found out my son teenage believed in that nonsense, I would gut punch him, then force him to drink White Monster energy drinks and stay up for 72 hours watching revisionist documentaries.

But I’m not going into that right now.

What I want to go into is the claim that me and the boys would not be outside synagogues yelling “Hitler was right” if we could. I would be doing that every day, if I could, and I would be encouraging others to do that.

The issue is not “oh it’s so sad to say these things because Jew blood-drinking child murderers are really nice people.” Jews mass murder children. They are not good people. No one feels bad for them, and many would like to see them gassed in fake shower rooms as a just response to all of these crimes they’ve committed.

The reason there are not mass protests outside of synagogues is that Jews control everything in America, including the government, and they will destroy your life. I’m a person who did stand up to the Jews, and you can go see what they did to me. I can’t even have a personal checking account. I literally can’t buy things on the internet, and have to pay rent in cash. Because I made fun of the Jews on the internet.

These filthy monsters will also go after your family, and they will accuse you of being a sexual deviant. They will make it so you can never have a job, never make any money. They will try to put you in prison. They will attack you on every level if you simply question them. Everything you can think of and more. They control the FBI and the CIA. They will send intelligence operatives to threaten you. Everything will come at you at once.

That’s why people say “Hitler was right” anonymously on the internet, instead of saying it to your rat faces.

It’s not because they’re emotional, it’s not because they would see you and feel bad that you’re a human. It’s because you demons used lies, corruption, blackmail, brutal tribal nepotism, and blasphemous witchcraft to take over all of the institutions in the Western world. Everyone posting anonymously has enough examples of people who were crucified for doing so that they would be foolish not to guard their privacy.

Here’s the Thing, Jews: The Day is Coming Soon

This situation isn’t going to last forever, Jews. People are not always going to be afraid to sign their names on “Hitler was right.”

The facade is already cracking, Jews.

Elon Musk just called you out.

You literally tried to do “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THIS???”

The entire world is up in arms.

Netanyahu is saying the fight has just begun. He’s planning on using American blood and treasure to totally reshape the Middle East.

“People hate me for no reason because I murder children” is not going to fly, Jews.

The jig is up.

It’s not simply edgy teenagers that are going to be saying “Hitler was right.” After what you’ve done, every single thinking person on the planet is asking themselves: “Why exactly was it that Hitler was mad at these people? Did they do something like this?”

Jews: everyone recognizes that what you are doing is different than what anyone else on earth would do. No one would spend 40 days killing kids like this. No one would launch an assault against a hospital full of refugees.

People recognize that you are unique, Jews. They recognize that you are a people different from all others.

They also recognize that you control the media and the government, and use it for your agenda.

Everything that you’ve spent who knows how many millions of dollars trying to prevent me from saying, you are demonstrating to the world yourselves.

Soon, people won’t have their lives ruined for saying “Hitler was right.” Then, you can believe that they are going to be saying it to your faces.