Australia: You Can Now Get Up to a Year in Prison for Doing Roman Salute, Showing Swastikas in Public

The Nazis sure have gotten a lot more evil over the last two decades.

We’re approaching the 100-year anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

Imagine how evil Nazis will be in another 100 years? We will have to have laws banning people from even saying the word “Germany.”


Laws banning the Nazi salute and the display or sale of symbols associated with terror groups came into effect in Australia on Monday as the government responds to a rise in antisemitic incidents following the Israel-Gaza war.

The law makes it an offense punishable by up to 12 months in prison to publicly perform the Nazi salute or display the Nazi swastika or the double-sig rune associated with the Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary group.

The sale and trade of these symbols is similarly prohibited.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said in a statement the legislation sent a clear message there was no place in Australia for those who glorify the Holocaust or terrorist acts.

Mark Dreyfus just happens to be a Jew

“This is the first legislation of its kind and will ensure no one in Australia will be allowed to glorify or profit from acts and symbols that celebrate the Nazis and their evil ideology.”

Introduced in June and passed in December, the law has taken on new significance amid a surge in antisemitism and Islamophobia following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, where some 1,200 were killed and 240 taken hostage, according to Israeli officials.

It’s always hard to read this kind of sentence, which has appeared in so many thousands of news articles, with a straight face.

They are saying: “Since the Jews started mass slaughtering children, more people have started hating Jews for no reason.” They are literally saying that the two things are not connected, because antisemitism, by definition, cannot be related to Jewish behavior.

It’s confusing.