Cyprus: Pro-Invader NGO Whines That No One Cares Their Office Got Blown Up

Some pointless event they did a couple of days after the thing happened

No one is really very sympathetic to these groups that are flooding the West with brown people.

Maybe people don’t think they should be bombed, but if they are bombed, no one really cares.


A prominent migrant rights group in Cyprus has bashed the country’s authorities for failing to properly investigate a bomb attack against its offices in Nicosia.

A migrants’ rights organisation in Cyprus whose offices were damaged in an explosion following threats by far-right and extremist groups has condemned the country’s authorities for failing to investigate the incident.

In a press release shared with Euronews, KISA (Movement for Equality, Support, Anti-Racism), a group which campaigns against discrimination and provides free legal and social services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, said its offices in Nicosia were hit by an improvised explosive device which exploded in front of its premises at the break of dawn on 5 January.

The bomb doesn’t appear to have been very powerful

The attack, which destroyed the infrastructure and the electronic equipment inside the building, followed “a long campaign of criminalisation and delegitimisation” against the group, KISA said.

Doros Polycarpou, who heads the organisation, said he has a track record of threats received on social media because of his work with KISA.

“This was a carefully orchestrated attack to warn us that ‘nothing can protect you’,” he said, adding that extremists are spreading false rumours that KISA is responsible for illegally helping to bring migrants to Cyprus.

Doros Polycarpou

The number of migrant arrivals in Cyprus has risen significantly in recent years, leading to a growth of hateful anti-migrant rhetoric and hostility in the Mediterranean country.

Last August, more than 20 people were arrested after trying to attack Syrian migrants. Only a few days later, 13 others were arrested after a mob smashed storefronts and set trash bins on fire during an anti-immigration march in the city of Limassol.

The bombing of KISA’s offices forced the organisation to stop its work, while its staff members are still “reeling from the attack itself, which they say has been compounded by the Cypriot state’s refusal to offer adequate protection.”

There is some question as to why the government would even allow them to operate at all. Like all of these organizations, the group is funded by Soros money, and it has the goal of racially replacing the country’s population. Maybe some of the people working there actually believe in this, but ultimately they are working at a job and getting paid very well.

It is an international criminal enterprise.

Of course, we know the reason Cyprus allows it: they are members of international treaty organizations that force them to allow it.

But that doesn’t mean the cops care about these scumbags.

Imagine doing the “diversity is our greatest strength” thing in a place with a massive ongoing problem caused by diversity