Austria: Cops Detain Germans for Laying Flowers at Hitler’s Childhood Home

Nazism is treated as something very powerful that is able to just completely take over the bodies and minds of random people.

The story of how Germans wanted to round up all the Jews and put them in camps before the US came in and “liberated” them, at which point they loved the Jews, is mind-numbing to think about.

Like, you just kill Hitler and take down the swastikas, and all of a sudden people snap out of a hypnotic daze and say “what the hell was I thinking? I love Jews.”

This is exactly how modern liberals think of any ideas that they don’t like: that they enter people’s bodies and possess them, taking away human agency. The solution is then to ban these ideas.

The Guardian:

Four Germans were caught laying white roses in memory of Adolf Hitler at the house where the Nazi dictator was born in western Austria on the anniversary of his birth, and one gave a Hitler salute as they posed for photos, police have said.

Patrolling officers noticed the group and took them to a police station for questioning. The woman said she had not meant the salute seriously, but officers said they found a chat with the others on her mobile phone in which they shared Nazi-themed messages and pictures.

Police said they were reporting all four to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Austrian law that bans the symbols of nazism.

In a normal society, which didn’t have these voodoo notions about “bad ideas” being able to possess people’s bodies, people visiting Hitler’s house and saluting him could not be a threat to anything. After all, if the ideas are bad and wrong, you can just dismiss anyone who believes in them as stupid or troubled.

Unless you accept this notion of ideas being able to possess people’s bodies and deny their human agency, then the only reason a government would want to suppress ideas is that those ideas are true.

The conclusion here is that Hitler was right.