Baptist Youth Pastor Suicides After Being Seduced by Teenage Girls

nb4 “he sort of looks Jewish” – yeah, I thought that too, but that isn’t the point here. We are all men, we all have weak flesh.

Probably 99% of cases of teenagers having sex with older adults in positions of authority over them are women having sex with teenage boys.

Because the basic nature of sexuality is that men do not prey on women, but the reverse.

But of course, the opposite is going to happen sometimes as well – teenage girls will prey on older men. In general, men are more responsible, and they will resist this, but we are not perfect.

We are dealing with human biology here.

New York Post:

A longtime youth pastor in New Hampshire killed himself just two days after he was fired from his church over “credible allegations” he was sexually assaulting children he was tasked with leading.

“Sexually assaulting children” – why are we living in this fake reality, based on this moronic fake language?

I had to go through this and see if he was a homosexual molesting little kids after that lede. Spoiler: no, he is heterosexual, and we are talking about teenage girls, not “children.”

Jarrett Booker, 37, had served as the Pastor of Worship and Youth Ministry at Nashua Baptist Church for nearly a decade when his alleged victims came forward last month.

“Regrettably, on the evening of November 27, Jarrett Booker took his own life, refusing to face the consequences of his actions,” the church’s elders and deacons said in a statement.

“This event has added immeasurably to the complexity and pain of the situation.”

Oh, fuck you.

What a horrible thing to say after a man dies like this.

How do you think his wife feels?

This is a group of “elders” who decided to release that in a written statement. No sympathy. Absolute scumbags.

Are the sluts going to take responsibility for their actions?

Oh no, because women can’t be responsible for actions, right? That’s our values in a democracy?

The only thing a woman can be responsible for is flying a Palestine flag. Otherwise, whatever she does is men’s fault.

But also, they have all the same powers and responsibilities as men, and probably even more.

It’s absurd and exhausting.

Officials at Nashua Baptist Church said they became aware of a criminal investigation into the alleged sexual assault just five days before Booker’s suicide.

Booker, a married father of one, worked “specifically with teenagers,” the church’s archived website shows.

Oh so not children then.

Oh but actually teenagers are children now somehow for some reason.

Here’s Britney Spears at age 15. You’re now a pedophile. You can quit worrying about it. You’re welcome.

Unless they fly a Palestine flag, then you’re terrorists and we have to kill them. For democracy.

A swift internal probe “revealed further evidence of misconduct,” religious leadership said, slamming the accused pervert’s actions as “inexcusable.”

The church is cooperating with the criminal investigation and “had encouraged Jarrett to do the same.”

The details surrounding the alleged assaults and how many victims Booker may have targeted remain unclear.

If they were “assaults” then why did it take years for it to come to light? If your daughter came home from Baptist youth church (lol) with bruises, what would you do? Shrug it off?

This happened apparently with multiple girls, and there was no evidence?

Nashua police had been investigating Booker for child sex offenses at the time of his suicide.

“We learned of the alleged crimes through an investigation by another police department,” a Nashua Police Department spokesperson told Patch. “The investigation is still ongoing even though the suspect is deceased.”

Firstly, he’s not a “pervert.” There’s nothing perverse about having sex with teenage girls. That’s just biology.

He’s irresponsible and immoral.

That is to say: he was a sinner, because Adam sinned, and he was a son of Adam.

I think “inexcusable” is the one word I agree with in this news report. I don’t think you can really make an excuse for having illicit sex with teen girls you’re in authority over. I know for a fact the girls initiated it, because that is how these things work, but he doesn’t have an excuse for not controlling himself.

But we have to ask: why are we putting people in these positions? What is the point? 

I actually know what the point is. The people making these decisions are attempting to forward a concept of man as ideal, perfected being, and according to this doctrine, people who demonstrate basic human weakness and imperfection and make mistakes are defective for veering away from the image of man as a perfected being.

What kind of lunatic would put a man in his thirties in authority over teenage girls in a place where he is able to be alone with them? On its face, this is insane.

We are not post-human.

(Note: The more I think about Marilyn Manson, it seems to be Christian performance art mocking secularism, or sort of the opposite of what it was supposed to be. It’s probably just nihilism which happens to be mocking the secular humanist paradigm, but this overlaps with the Christian critique. Either way, it was very anti-social, I’m not trying to justify it, but I thought of that song just now and checked the lyrics and it checks out.)

I could be a youth pastor and not have sex with the girls. I’m not the most moral person ever. But I could do this. I would be tempted, but I would be thinking about my wife, my kids, and most immediately, of prison.

But you know what?

I would not want to be in that position. Unless there is no other job available, why would you take a job where you are surrounded by teenage girls, who view you as an authority, and therefore are going to be treating you how women treat men they view as authorities (basically, trying to provoke and seduce you constantly)?

Who wants that temptation?

In fact, though I don’t remember the math of it, it is actually a sin, in Catholicism, to put yourself in a situation where you are going to be tempted beyond what is reasonable. But it’s also the level of sin that needs to be considered. If you go to the beach in Europe, you’re going to see some nice tits. That probably doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach, because there is an occasion to lust. Fornication and adultery are much more serious sins than lust, and the consequences are much more severe, and there is no worse temptation than a bunch of teenage girls viewing you as the authority.

This guy is dead, his wife widowed. It’s his own choices that are to blame. We can’t act like he’s a victim. But the society is also to blame here. All of this mixed sexual stuff is insane, unless you want the people to be having sex with each other.

You know what you do with a mare in heat if you don’t want her getting pregnant? You lock her up away from the stallions! You put her in a closed cage, preferably far enough away that the stallions can’t smell her ovulation smells!

The doctrine of the left, of the Jews, is both that we are no different than animals, but also that we can be perfected. Those things are incompatible and incoherent.

The Taliban is right about women.