UK: Senior White Male Recruits at Aviva Must be Personally Vetted by Top Cunt CEO

There’s currently no explanation as to why it is possible for a for-profit company to behave like this.

There must be some explanation beyond “they’ve gone woke,” but no one is revealing this explanation.

Ultimately, the government is responsible for regulating the behavior of these companies.

GB News:

The female CEO of insurance company Aviva has said that senior white male recruits must get the final sign off by herself, as part of the firm’s aims to improve diversity.

Amanda Blanc, who became the company’s first female CEO in 2020, has brought in the policy in order to eliminate sexism in the financial services industry.

Speaking to a parliamentary committee, she said that “there is no non-diverse hire at Aviva without it being signed off by me and the chief people officer”.

“Not because I don’t trust my team but [because] I want to make sure that the process followed for that recruitment has been diverse, has been properly done and is not just a phone call to a mate saying, ‘would you like a job, pop up and we’ll fix it up for you’,” she said at the Sexism in the City inquiry yesterday.

Amanda Blanc, cunt

Her comments only apply to senior staff at Aviva, which has a workforce of 22,000.

Explaining her role in signing off senior hirings, she said: “The scope of the charter is to get more women into senior management roles.”

“My belief is if you have more women in senior management roles, this behaviour will go away.”

She was speaking to the committee as part of its third public hearing of whether sexism had improved in London since 2018, when the last investigation was held.

It was launched after an influx of accusations of sexual misconduct shook the business industry, including scandals at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and allegations against Brexit donor and hedge-fund manager Crispin Odey.

Blanc told the Treasury Select Committee that the financial services industry is rife with harassment, more so than any other business sector.

She told MPs that while she had some “very positive experiences” in the sector, “many women do not”.

The Aviva CEO said she had spoken to women who had written to her ahead of the hearing.

She said they shared with her “absolutely appalling” stories of harassment, including unwanted sexual advances, being followed into hotel rooms, or being told their pregnancies were “inconvenient” for the firm.

Blanc told MPs: “Every individual firm has to be accountable for any allegations such as this, and the women in the firm have to know that there is a process for speaking up; that that process will be acted on; that everything will be investigated; and that the person who did the bad leaves the organisation, not the women.”

“And we have had experiences like that at Aviva, where the woman has stayed and man has gone,” she added.

It appears that the government is enforcing a program on these for-profit companies, and the companies, understanding the program, get ahead of it to avoid regulation.

That is the obvious explanation.

“Companies are sacrificing profits because they believe in woke” is a very simple explanation for the goyim that doesn’t make any sense and requires the companies – which are not subject to public scrutiny in the same way a government is – to take the responsibility on themselves.

All of these conservatives complaining about “woke capital” should be focusing on the fact that the companies are responding to government mandates.

All these people speaking out against “woke” for-profit companies sound like communists.