BBC Presenter Speaks Out About Organized Establishment Attacks on Christianity

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2014

    Roger Bolton, of Radio 4’s Feedback program, said that some secular teachers are also ‘unsympathetic to religious education’
Roger Bolton, of Radio 4’s Feedback program, said that some secular teachers are also ‘unsympathetic to religious education’

A BBC presenter has noticed the way Christianity is being sidelined in Britain for fear of offending other faiths and has spoken out about the damage this is doing to children’s education.

Roger Bolton used to present Sunday, the Radio 4 program for religious news and current affairs.

In a viewpoint piece for the Radio Times this week he wrote:

In some schools in this country, little is taught about the true meaning of Christmas, possibly because secular staff are unsympathetic to religious education or because of the fear of offending those of other faiths.

And broadcasters aren’t doing much to remedy this ignorance. It is difficult to find any children’s programmes that regularly deal with faith issues.

Using a Bible society survey carried out earlier this year, he pointed out that 43% of children had never heard of the crucifixion, 53% had never heard of Joseph and his coat of many colors and 25% had never even heard of Noah’s ark.

This is not just about knowing Bible stories however, but about being able to relate to our ancestors and culture.

Does this matter? I think it does, for both cultural and communal reasons.

The United Kingdom cannot be understood without appreciating the role Christian culture has played in its development, from the introduction of the parish system to the replacement of a monarch (James II) because he was a Roman Catholic.

In the time of Henry VIII what one believed about the doctrine of ‘transubstantiation’ was literally a matter of life and death.

Our 17th-century Civil War was fought in large part over the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings.

Without a knowledge of Christianity, what will our schoolchildren make of much of our finest literature and drama, filled as it is with Christian imagery? Or much of the finest European art?

This is why it is important to preserve our Christian faith. It links us with our past and our ancestors and enables us to understand how they felt and why they behaved the way they did.

What inspired them is still more than capable of inspiring us today and that is why our children are being cut off from it.

The last thing the occupying force want is a generation of faith driven White Europeans ready to die for their cause like the Crusaders were and like ISIS are today.

The biggest fear the Jews have is of a traditionalist Christian revival, a revival of anti-Jew feeling throughout Europe demanding a ban on usury and the expulsion of the Christ-killers.

Mr Bolton also said the new Band Aid single, Do They Know It’s Christmas? would be better renamed for school children as ‘Do They Know What Christmas Is?’