Jew Overload in the Ukraine: Jew Overlord “Changes Date of Christmas” as Revenge Against Russia

Jews literally think they are gods.

Obviously, as an American, I think Christmas is on December 25. But that’s not the point. For Ukrainians, Christmas has been on January 7 for the entire existence of their “country” (that is, since the territory was settled by Russians in the 10th century).

The Julian calendar was not invented by Vladimir Putin, but by Julius Caesar in 46 BC. The reasons that the Gregorian calendar was adopted by Rome and the Byzantines used the Julian calendar are practical, or political, or logistical, or whatever – it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that Christmas is a traditional holiday, and the second most important holiday in all Christian faiths.

Some hook-nosed ratty little kike coming along and changing your ancient traditions should make you sick, no matter how you feel about Russians.

This is like saying “we are going to stop eating soup because Russians eat soup.”

Do you want Jews telling you you’re not allowed to eat soup?


The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has announced that it will not follow President Volodymyr Zelensky’s order to celebrate Christmas Day on Dec. 25, in line with Western Christian tradition.

On Friday, Zelensky signed a decree aligning the celebration of one of the most important Christian holidays with the Gregorian calendar. Ukraine has historically celebrated the birth of Christ on Jan. 7, according to the Julian calendar.

A spokesman for Metropolitan Kliment of the UOC, which has historic ties with the Russian Orthodox Church, told the website on Saturday: “It is absolutely certain that the vast majority of Ukrainians of different religious denominations will celebrate next Christmas in the same way as they have done so far.

“Of course, one would have hoped that these people and their traditions would be respected. But we got what we got,” they added.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, voted to abolish the annual state holiday of Jan. 7.

If this guy’s a real Orthodox priest, why is his beard so short?

Kliment argued that politicians who justified the move to Dec. 25 as a “departure from Russian tradition… had inaccurate or incomplete information.”

The marking of Christmas on Jan. 7 “does not follow the Russian tradition but the calendar tradition of the Church of Jerusalem, where the holiest shrines of Christianity are located. There, all the main feasts of the Orthodox Church are still celebrated according to the Julian calendar,” he said.

The custom of celebrating the birth of Christ on Dec. 25 originated in Turkish Orthodox Christianity, the pastor explained.

Which is fine, by the way.

I am not against Christmas on the 25th. Most scholars do not believe Jesus was even born in the winter anyway, it’s just a time that was chosen to mark the celebration of his birth.

What is relevant is the tradition, and this idea that the government can just change sacred traditions by decree is a huge concept in itself, which no one in history would have accepted.

People have rioted and overthrown governments for a lot less.

But to have the government run by someone who does not even celebrate the tradition – someone from a foreign nation, who was installed as leader by a foreign power – changing traditions for political reasons that do not even make any sense – this has got to be one of the weirdest events we’ve seen so far.