Belarus Alleges “The Ukraine” Amassing Forces on Their Border (Article Contains Fun Times)

There are a lot of things I don’t know much about that I wish I knew more about. I always say that I wish that when I was in high school, I would have gotten a job at Whole Foods and worked at the cheese counter and learned all about cheese.

For a while, I wanted to know about wine, then realized if you drink enough wine to get the levels of alcohol I need to sustain my sense of self (and basic grip on reality) you get really fat, so I kinda stopped caring about the wine thing. Plus, wine is like, insanely expensive. Remember when Johnny Depp got rape hoaxed and wasn’t allowed to work and he was like “bro I spend over $30,000 a month on wine, I need to work, this is not sustainable unless I’m working.”

You’ll also note that he’s all soft and blubbery.

That’s the truth about wine.

It’s vodka for me, baby. All the way to the end of the line.

Remember that 2Pac song “Me and My Girlfriend” – “all I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend”?

Of course, his “girlfriend” wasn’t a woman, because unlike modern rappers, he was not a faggot, and wouldn’t sing some sappy shit about a woman.

That’s like me and vodka. Switching to wine would be like if 2Pac started using a machete to kill people. Or no – if he started poisoning people instead of shooting them.

Honestly, the more I think about 2Pac and rap music, I kinda wish that when 2Pac died, they would have just retired that genre of music. Jay-Z sucks. Kanye is really overrated. No one is ever going to reach 2Pac’s level. Actually, Eminem sort of did, but he’s white, so it’s really a totally different thing.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about 2Pac lately because of this Puff Daddy thing. I remember being a kid watching MTV and loving 2Pac. I used to always quote “killing ain’t fair, but somebody gotta do it.” I still say that sometimes. So then he goes out like a true nigga, right in his prime, in a Cadillac after a Tyson fight. Then MTV starts showing this faggot Puff Daddy doing the gayest shit and I’m like “this nigga is gay, he’s definitely never killed anyone, how can he be a famous rapper? The entire appeal of this genre of music is that these blacks are actually drug-dealing murderers.” I remember 2Pac saying he was going to kill Puff Daddy’s kids in “Hit Em Up.”

Puffy probably pay someone to kill 2Pac, and I think now that we know he is running some gay Epstein shit, we need to reopen this case and charge him with 2Pac’s murder. Trump should vow to reopen the 2Pac murder case along with the JFK files.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t care about wine. I do wish I knew about cheese. I wish I would have taken that Whole Foods job and got to the cheese section and I would have learned everything about cheeses.

The other thing I don’t really know much about but wish I knew more about is military history. I mean, I know the various wars and who won them, even a lot about the Ancient Greek wars, but I don’t really understand anything about military strategy.

One thing I do understand, however: if a military is building up on a border, there is no way to know if they are planning an invasion or expecting to be invaded. Because whether you think you’re going to be invaded or you’re planning to invade, you build up your military on the border of the country in question.

New York Post:

Tensions are growing at the border Ukraine shares with Belarus, one of the Kremlin’s strongest allies in its ongoing war against the Eastern European nation.

“The situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is characterized by increasing tension,” Vadim Lukashevich, a deputy commander of special operations forces for the Belarus Armed Forces, told state-owned media outlet BELTA. “A coalition of Western countries has unleashed a heated conflict near our territory. They are attempting to drag our country into war.”

Yeah, probably.

Or they think Russia is about to send forces through Belarus.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine from Belarus during its initial invasion in February 2022, but the country has largely stayed out of the conflict.

Now, Belarus is accusing Ukraine of getting ready to attack by sending more troops, weapons, and US-supplied military equipment to the northern region of Zhytomyr, which borders Belarus.

We have information that Ukraine is amassing troops, weapons, and military equipment near our borders,” Lukashevich said. “In particular, American infantry fighting vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems, heavy long-range artillery, and other equipment have been deployed in the Zhytomyr region.”

Belarus in response bolstered its air defense forces at the border to take down any inbound drones deployed “to collect information about the Belarusian border infrastructure,” he continued.

He claimed Ukranian defenses set up on the border have “passages” through them that can be used “to penetrate into our territory in order to to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts here on our Belarusian soil.”

“We are ready to decisively use all available forces and means to protect our territory and the population of the Republic of Belarus from possible provocations in the airspace,” Andrei Severinchik, commander of the Belarusian Air Defense Forces, said in a statement.

I can see them doing terrorist attacks in Belarus like they’ve done in Russia – this hit and run “incursion” thing they’ve done – but you don’t really need to amass troops to do that.

It’s probably more likely that the geniuses in the US advisory board have been baited into thinking Russia is going to attack from Belarus to get them to move troops there.

But I don’t know. I don’t know enough about military strategy to say.

I wish I did.

But I don’t.

If anything, the Ukraine should invade Poland.

Oh no wait, they already did!