EU Pumps Chinese EV Tariffs Up to Nearly 40%

Will this help the domestic economy in Europe?

It seems unlikely. Serious tariffs on everything imported might be a long term protectionist strategy which could help the European economy, but these people are supposed to be globalists.

Banning EVs alone just looks like sour grapes. It’s also provoking Europe’s number one trade partner for no reason.

But we know from the Ukraine war that German politicians simply do not care about the people of Germany. They don’t care about normal people, they don’t care about rich people. The only thing they care about is doing whatever the US tells them to do.


The European Union will impose tariffs of up to 37.6% from Friday on imports of electric vehicles made in China, EU officials said, ratcheting up tensions with Beijing in Brussels’ largest trade case yet.

There is however a four-month window during which the tariffs are provisional and intensive talks are expected to continue between the two sides as Beijing threatens wide-ranging retaliation.

The European Commission’s provisional duties of between 17.4% and 37.6% without backdating are designed to prevent what its president Ursula von der Leyen has said is a threatened flood of cheap EVs built with state subsidies.

The rates, laid out in a 208-page document published on Thursday, are almost the same as those announced by the Commission on June 12. The executive made adjustments after companies identified minor calculation errors in the initial disclosure.

Beijing said then it would take “all necessary measures” to safeguard China’s interests.

These could include retaliatory tariffs on exports to China of products such as cognac or pork.

EU trade chief Valdis Dombrovskis said there is no basis for China to retaliate.

The Chinese EV problem is not a small problem for the West.

They are absolutely dominating. And this is an industry that is small now, but which the West has declared will be the majority of cars on the road in Europe and America in the next X years.

The way things are going now, Tesla is on the verge of collapse. I assume that the German companies can stay in the market because they are producing more “luxury” style models that some people want, and some people just want a German logo on their car. But the overwhelming majority of cars on the road are going to be Chinese.

And it’s the American global warmers that are saying EVs are going to replace all normal cars in the next decade or whatever. That was their idea. China said “yeah, we can make that happen.” Of course, China is also making gas and diesel cars, which are going to be cheaper and better than Western cars, excluding maybe Toyota/Honda (which are not actually “Western companies”).

The Bigger Issue Here

The bigger issue here is that it’s not just EVs that China is dominating. The way things are going now, they’re going to dominate all consumer electronics, completely. Apple phones have become so overpriced, and so annoying. There is no logic in people continuing to buy these phones. They do so out of habit, and in many cases because the Chinese models are not available in Western markets. But that will not last forever, without a full protectionist system that would probably be impossible to implement at this point.

Then you have industrial technologies. The Chinese are hiring German engineers sick of dealing with Germany to work in all of the different tech fields. China is going to be overtaking the companies that make all of this ultra expensive medical equipment, they’re going to overtake the companies that build the bullet trains, they’re going to dominate appliances, all of it.

This can’t be stopped and it’s really already happened.