Poll: Citizens of 15 European Countries Believe the Ukraine Will Have to Negotiate with Russia

I don’t know how the media keeps claiming this is controversial. It’s not controversial.

The Ukraine is not going to “win” a war against Russia. That was always a totally retarded idea.

I understand that people were lied to about what the initial invasion of the Ukraine was, told that Putin thought he was going to “conquer” a country of 40 million people with 150,000 soldiers. The truth is that Putin (as he’s admitted) was naive, and thought that this kind of show of force would force the Ukraine to settle. Zelensky tried to settle in Istanbul, then the West told him he wasn’t allowed to do that, and must fight a massive war.

At that point, any adult should have been able to see: “Russia is a much bigger country and if they get serious with the war, it is not possible they can lose.”

But I guess people don’t really think very much.

Anyway, it’s so obvious now that even the average person is aware of how retarded this “take back Crimea” bullshit is.

The Guardian:

A negotiated outcome with Russia, as opposed to an outright Ukrainian military victory, is now seen as the most likely outcome in most European countries, according to a major poll of 15 countries.

Support for Ukraine’s cause remains strong across Europe despite battlefield reverses, but European voters increasingly regard arming Ukraine as necessary not to achieve a complete Ukrainian battlefield victory, but instead to strengthen Ukraine’s hand in future negotiations with Russia.

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The European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR) thinktank polled 19,566 people in 15 countries in the first half of May 2024. The thinktank has regularly carried out surveys on Ukraine, but it is the first time it has also polled inside Ukraine itself, where it finds support for war and victory are strong, despite talk of weakening morale.

I do not believe that and there is no way to check it.

But I think Ukrainians must be sick of this lunacy.

Just give Putin the four Oblasts. There aren’t any “Ukrainians” living there anyway. What actual difference does it make?

A total of 34% of Ukrainians currently say they trust the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, “a great deal”, while a further 31% trust him “quite a lot” – meaning that those who are keeping faith with their leader outnumber those who are not by two to one.

I’m trying to figure out a difference between “a great deal” and “quite a lot.”

Anyway – fake numbers.

Further, people are scared to say anything against Zelensky. Some rando calls your cellphone and asks if you support the brutal Jewish dictator that runs the roving torture squads: what do you do?

When asked about the most likely outcome of the war, 58% of Ukrainians foresaw a Ukrainian victory, 30% said it would end in a settlement, and only 1% expected Russia to emerge victorious. But a majority preferred ceding territory rather than abandoning sovereignty, defined by the right to join Nato and the EU.

Inside 14 European countries surveyed, only in Estonia was there a prevailing view (38%) that Ukraine would win the war outright. Nevertheless, majorities in Sweden and Poland wanted Europe to help Ukraine fight until all its territory is regained. Majorities in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria opposed this to the extent that they thought it was a bad idea to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Overall, Italy emerged as the largest major European power least supportive of Ukraine. But in most European countries, large majorities still support sending more arms to Ukraine, even if it is to strengthen Ukraine’s negotiating hand.

I think those people maybe just want more Ukrainians to die so they don’t come to their countries as immigrants.

They’re not going to Italy, Greece, or Bulgaria.

A middle group of countries, including Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, lack a national consensus on the war and the EU’s role. In no country , even the most hawkish, was there support for sending troops to Ukraine.


People still remember the world wars.

No one wants to go to direct war with Russia.

It has literally never worked out for anyone, ever.