Russia Moves to Declare “Antinatalism” an Extremist Ideology

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In America, we have different ideas in terms of freedom of speech than they have in other countries. I support these ideas.

However, when free speech was written into our founding documents, no one thought women would ever have “liberation.” They never thought they would be able to vote. They were aware of prostitution (and did not legislate against it), but they did not imagine a situation where women are all whores, having promiscuous sex with many partners.

I would prefer to totally remove women’s rights than ban feminist speech. However, I understand why the Russians would move to ban the promotion of feminist ideology in the country. They wouldn’t need to do that if they just banned women’s rights, but because they don’t have the same history of free speech, this is a reasonable move.

Nordic Times:

Russian lawmakers have prepared a bill that would make it illegal to actively promote and popularize voluntary childlessness in the country.

Deputy Justice Minister Vsevolod Vukulov says the promotion of childlessness is an “extremist ideology” and that it is of the utmost importance to fight it.

“We are now actively preparing bills to prevent the spread of child-free ideology. One should not be able to promote ideas that ‘nowadays girls, especially young ones, do not need to give birth, they can do without children’”, he added during a conference in St. Petersburg, according to Russia’s RT.

Poor Russians probably won’t be allowed antinatalist coloring books like this one

According to Vukolov, a completely new legislative system is needed to counter this kind of negative social trend in Russia and other countries that share the same “traditional values”.

“These laws must be worked out and promoted. And they must become the tools to protect our values. This is the main task.”

He also confirmed that a bill banning the promotion of a childless lifestyle has already been submitted to the parliament and will be analyzed by experts before more concrete proposals are made.

Vukolov stresses that the state should not only act through bans, but also focus on creating social conditions that encourage couples to have children.

It’s sort of the same thing in China. They just delete feminist websites and make it de facto illegal to promote these ideas. China also lets armies of Stormer-style incel trolls harass women online and keep them in place. So I mean, it’s not actually more censorship than in America, where incel trolls are banned in order to protect feminism.

The difference, again, is that the Chinese do not have freedom of speech written into their system, and their system can function without it. Our system can’t function without freedom of speech, and yet we have, in real life, less freedom of speech than the Russians or the Chinese. It’s just that America lies and says we have free speech, as everyone gets banned from the internet, top dissident voices get arrested on trumped-up charges or sued and totally destroyed in civil court, they ban people from the banking system, they allow private companies to fire people under pressure from the ADL (tortious interference). They just lie and say we have free speech.

I can tell you from experience, brother: we do not have free speech. I have never been charged with any crime in my life (except when I was 19 and convicted for cocaine possession, but that was expunged), and yet somehow, the entire SWIFT system has banned me from opening a checking account. Just think about that for a second. Aside from all of the other censorship, think about the fact that since 2017, I have been under an international ban which prevents me from opening a checking account anywhere that uses the SWIFT system (which is everywhere in the world, except Russia and Iran).

When I ask how it is possible that I can be banned from all personal banking – something that would completely destroy basically anyone on earth other than me, and it only doesn’t destroy me because of the crypto option – for speech, these people will say “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.”

Hey – hey – couldn’t you throw someone in jail for speech and then say the same thing? “You have free speech but when you exercise it, the penalty is that you go to jail.”

I was initially banned from all banks after Charlottesville when I wrote an article making fun of the morbidly obese woman who died of a heart attack during the violent counter-protest.

(Here’s the classic article: Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut.)

I would have much preferred to spend six months or a year in jail than be banned from all banking for the rest of my life. I’ve been living like this for 7 years. Just so you understand, I’ve tried to open bank accounts in foreign countries and it just gets denied. There is some alert on my social security number and presumably my passport that triggers a notice that I’m not allowed to have a bank account. I was in my early 30s at the time, so they said: “Because you made that joke we didn’t like, you are going to have to spend the next 40-50 years of your life without access to any form of a bank account.”

The Russians and Chinese might have laws about speech, but the punishments are much less severe than in America. And again, these different systems do not promise free speech, and they do not require free speech to be able to function.